4 Reasons To Start Estate Planning Right Now

4 Reasons To Start Estate Planning Right Now

4 Reasons To Start Your Estate Planning Right Now

Many people, while still in their early youth years start estate planning, while others tend to hesitate to give it a thought. Most people don’t like to or want to start estate planning early in their life, because they don’t want to think about death and the what will happen afterwards. But, death is inevitable. Sooner or later you will have to start estate planning.

Estate planning might make you feel light headed, because of all the important and legal concerns attached to it, but it should be planned keeping in mind your own preferences and the concern for your children’s betterment. The following 4 reasons will convince you to get the ball rolling with estate planning.


Save Your Family From Heated Court Battles:

After your death, if there is no written Will left by you to your family, this might create some quarrels within the family. Your siblings or spouse might fight over issues related to the wealth and other financial assets left behind by you. When there is no one particular person who has been assigned the position to distribute your assets after your death, then people with no right to intrude, might interfere in your personal family affairs. It all just leads to trouble.


Secure Your Heir’s Future:

The sole purpose of estate planning is to ensure that the future of your family and children is made secure. Throughout your life you paid your insurance and saved money in a retirement plan. Should it be utilized to pay for your son’s college tuition? Or to help your daughter start her own business. These points can be mentioned in the Will as per your own and your family’s preferences. I know that may seen like a silly scenario, but things like that this actually happens. The devil is in the details. When certain things go unaddressed, there is always trouble.

Prevent Unwanted Heirs:

If you, by any chance make the mistake of not penning down a Will, with no specified heirs, then the state court would deem it necessary to decide who will become your legal heir, on its own. This situation is extremely time consuming and might lead to the selection of heirs who were never meant to be beneficiaries. Potentially keeping your intended heirs’ from inheriting your financial assets.


Appoint Guardians for Younger Children:

If in an unfortunate event, both parents pass away, leaving behind young immature children, then the Will should specify a person who will take the responsibility of Guardianship of those children. You should always appoint someone closest to you, someone who you trust as your children’s guardian, so that after your demise, your children’s future would be in safe hands.

Estate planning also assists in the distribution of your property among family members, or selecting the charity to which some part of your wealth would go. Settling taxes and debts should also be mentioned in the Will, so that the executor of your Will, knows how to resolve and carry out each and every one of your last wishes, keeping in line with your predilections.


It’s important to note that estate planning is not just for the super wealthy. Estate Planning could save your family a lot of headaches down the road. Just the give it a thought. Let us know in the comment sections below what your thought are, or if you have any questions. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for reviews of all kind.

What Happens To Your 401k After You Die

What Happens To Your 401k After You Die

Saving for your retirement with a 401K investment plan? Great idea. There is nothing better than saving for your retirement. Ensuring a financially safer life for yourself and your beloved family members is always a great idea. Have you ever thought about what would happen to your 401K funds if you were to die? Life is unpredictable and death is inevitable. It’s better to ponder on the difficult financial crisis your family might have to face after your death, earlier in life than later when you are lying in your deathbed.

A 401K funds plan can be acquired by the deceased person’s beneficiary (a person who is named by you to receive the 401K funds after your death). Your beneficiary could either naturally be your spouse or some other person who you name as a beneficiary.  The procedure to acquire a 401K investment plan after your demise, is followed differently in case of different beneficiaries, and the amount of tax payable on withdrawing this money can depend upon the type of company that conducts and executes your 401K investment funds.

Payment of Taxes on 401K Investment Funds After Your Death:

401K investment funds are accumulated through life savings without paying income tax, in the lifetime of the participant. After your demise, the 401K funds become a part of your taxable estate, which means that after acquiring your 401K funds, your beneficiary will have to pay off the imminent state or in some cases, the Federal estate tax that had accumulated on your 401K plan.


How Do Beneficiaries Receive Money From Funds?

If you named a beneficiary in your lifetime, then after your death they can receive money from your retirement account, without the need to wait for proceedings of the probate period to get completed.  The beneficiary can decide whether they want to receive the money from the 401K funds in installments throughout the course of their life or accept the money in the time of 5 years or less.


Settling Debts With 401K Funds:

After your passing, the court would release the order for the payment of all debts and taxes payable on your wealth. Debts should be immediately settled with the 401K funds, after the death of the participant, and later the beneficiary can collect the remaining share of the funds.


Rolling The Deceased Participant’s Account Into The Retirement Account of The Beneficiary:

A beneficiary, or more specifically, a spouse of the deceased participant can decide to combine or roll in their 401K account with the account of the deceased spouse. This way the beneficiary will continue to postpone the tax payments on either account, and will receive the stated distribution.


Beneficiaries Receiving a Lump Sum Payment From the 401K Funds:

If the beneficiary or spouse of the deceased participant, wish to receive the whole lump sum payment from the 401K funds, then they can proceed to do so. But if they are younger than the age of 59 and ½ years, then the withdrawal penalty of 10% would not be payable by the beneficiary. You can then roll this lump sum amount into the spouse’s account.

401K distribution after your death can be complicated. To learn more about how and in what ways your 401K funds will be managed after your death, it is better to consult an estate tax professional to guide you through the entire distribution process.



Let us know in the comment sections below what your thought are, or if you have any questions. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for reviews of all kind.


Introduction to Immediate Annuities

Introduction to Immediate Annuities

Immediate Annuities

In an immediate annuity, the financial specialist begins getting installments promptly in the wake of making the speculation. This is for the speculator who needs a quick wage from his annuity. When you purchase an immediate annuity you can get installments for a specific time frame (generally five to a quarter century), installments for whatever remains of your life for you and/or your mate, or any mix of the two. You can even pick between a settled installment that does not shift or a variable installment that depends on market execution.


Are immediate annuity payments taxable?

On the off chance that you purchase the annuity with pretax cash, and then the whole adjust will be taxable. On the off chance that you use after-expense stores, in any case, then you’ll be saddled just on the income. In the event that your money out a conceded annuity in a single amount, then you’ll need to pay salary imposes on the greater part of the profit higher than your unique venture.


Reasons for buying immediate annuities:

An immediate annuity is an annuity that is obtained with a solitary single amount installment and in return, pays an ensured pay that begins very quickly. An immediate annuity is particularly reasonable for retirees who are worried about outlasting their funds.

A normal stream of wage: Immediate annuities are a decent source to gain a standard pay, particularly when one is not having a general wellspring of pay. Take for example resigned individuals. Choosing an immediate annuity will permit them to get a check of settled sum on a set date. This will likewise help them to arrange their costs.


Advantages of immediate annuities:

The advantage of avoidance proportion: Exclusion proportion alludes to that measure of annuity, which is not burdened as it is considered a reimbursement of the main sum. Consequently, just the intrigue is exhausted. In this way, immediate annuities draw in lower charges compared to other venture alternatives.

Assurance from lenders: Immediate annuities gives a pay, notwithstanding amid money related hardship. Many states in the US offer your prompt annuity, an assurance from the connection by leasers. Henceforth, prompt annuities can end up being a decent alternative when one gets to be distinctly bankrupt.

Better returns: At once, when financing costs are spiraling downwards and salary from other settled store roads are contracting; prompt annuities keep on offering alluring rates. For example, a report from the Los Angeles Times expresses that ‘the normal yield on tax-exempt currency advertise stores has tumbled to 1.87%, the most reduced level in seven years. On the other hand, prompt annuity presents ensured returns of 3% to 6%. Subsequently, many individuals are selecting immediate annuities to stop their assets.



Let us know in the comment sections below what your thought are, or if you have any questions about Immediate Annuities. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for reviews of all kind. It’s great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there. Check out the previous post by clicking here.

Introduction to Deferred Annuities

Introduction to Deferred Annuities

Introduction to Deferred Annuities

For those who like planning everything in their life, a deferred annuity is definitely the plan for you. An investment in a deferred annuity is specifically done for life after retirement. An individual who has planned and thought far ahead will certainly invest in something that gives him assured returns after retirement. Investing in a deferred annuity is the ideal plan for that. It is simple to determine the earnings on the investment from an annuity calculator and make a decision accordingly on the amount of investment. There are several advantages and benefits of investing, which can simply make your life easy after retirement.

A deferred annuity is an agreement between the annuitant and insurance provider to guarantee the best achievable return on the investment. It is possible to either make regular payment or a one time investment to purchase an annuity. The choice is determined by your financial potency and objectives. The insurance companies guarantee the constant flow of income after a regular interval. The choice of payment deferment of the deferred annuity policies will help allow your investment to enjoy the additional growth throughout the accumulation period.

Types of Deferred Annuities

Fixed Deferred Annuity

A fixed deferred annuity gives a fixed interest rate which is credited to your account within a given period of time. After this period has expired, the account is subject to market conditions, but there can be a minimum rate specified at which the annuitant, holder of the annuity, can bail out of the funds to prevent clinging to an investment which is not performing well.


Variable Deferred Annuity

The variable deferred annuity is a more aggressive kind of annuity which often fluctuates in accordance with market conditions. With this type of account a fixed interest rate is not guaranteed. Because it is such an aggressive account, the possibility to make large sums of money exists.


Index Deferred Annuity

The third type of deferred annuity is the index annuity. This annuity is similar to a specific index such as the S&P during the accumulation stage. This annuity is also secured with a minimum amount below, which the interest cannot decrease. This prevents the capital in your account from being lost if the S&P lose a substantial amount of value.


Certificate of Deposit Deferred Annuity

The final type of deferred annuity is the Certificate of Deposit Deferred Annuity. These annuities are similar to certificates of deposit (CDs) and can vary from one to ten years in a term. They assure a period of time for the initial interest rate, but like the normal Certificate of Deposit there is limited liquidity which implies that you may make withdrawals.


Advantages of Deferred Annuities

Deferred annuities give a significant benefit through tax deferral. Though you need to wait for a certain period of time to receive any funds, you receive the additional benefit of tax relief as your investment increases.

Don’t undermine this enormous benefit with a fixed deferred annuity. Since the rates of taxes are high, it will take a major portion of your savings. For example, if you are eligible for a tax of 35% and the return on annuity is 55, you will be able to realize the complete 5% return as a result of tax deferrals.

On the other hand, if your earnings are taxed instantly, the returns are reduced to 3.25% which is just above the annual US rate of inflation of 3%. Hence, when an individual whose investments are subjected to instant tax retires, his or her investments rarely increase in terms of real money.



Let us know in the comment sections below what your thought are, or if you have any questions about Deferred Annuities. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for reviews of all kind. It’s great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there. Check out the previous post by clicking here.