123College.com Review: 1 Star

In this review of 123College.com, we take a look at a company that as been helping people of all ages plan for their future in education. Planning for a higher education is probably one of the most important things to do in any persons life. Whether you’re a parent getting ready send your kid off to college, or a person looking to head back to class, in hopes of making a better future for yourself. It’s imperative that you take the time to sit and plan. The worst thing you could possibly do is jump in unprepared to something that is unfamiliar to you. Although many may think that the education system is a breeze, there are a pitfalls and hidden things that you have to watch out for. Things that could potentially do your harm in the long run. I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard of people that head to school their first day thinking every thing is fine, under the impression that everything is just fine and dandy. Then they find that they either didn’t complete some important or didn’t consider a very important aspect of their college life. Most of the time, it’s not that people are negligent. It’s that they just aren’t fully aware of all the aspects that will effect their education.


123College.com Review: Introduction

123College.com is twenty years old and one of the largest nationwide college planning companies. Since 1994, they have been one of the main sources for college planning information. In reviewing 123College.com we found that they assist students for all undergraduate years with: board exam test preparation, choosing a major, choosing a college or university, financial aid negotiations, FAFSA / CSS Profile filing, and maximize your financial aid eligibility to get the most grants and scholarships. Pretty much everything that you’re bound to come across when preparing for college. Guidance counselors and college financial aid officers are a part of your child’s educational team, and play specific roles in helping him/her get into college. 123 College supplements their efforts and provides services that they often can not. Guidance counselors can help students research schools, get information about the SAT or ACT, and help them with the application process. Everyone knows that the application process  can be one of the most confusing and difficult parts about getting accepted. Not to mention the fact that they can sometimes be very expensive. To those whoa aren’t as fortunate as other, it’s important that you choose wisely, and fill out the applications properly.

In Reviewing 123College.com we found that they works closely with all of their senior counselors to make sure you are getting the best advice for your family. they produce a 75 to 90 page Student Profile Report that clearly explains how all of your income and assets affect how much you are expected to pay for college. Which definitely sounds like great tool for those are just dying to know the facts. They do all of this before your student even sends in an application to a school. Would you like to know exactly how much the colleges and universities are going to cost you before you apply? Would you like to know how to position your assets to keep from spending your retirement dollars? These are just some of the questions that can be answered if you decide to use 123College.com. Going through all of the services they have and the way they present them, tells me that they have experience dealing with all kinds of people. They cater to more than one demographic in a way that is non treating. They make the giant overwhelming hurdles of college seem like goals that can actually be achieved.


123College.com Review: Distinction

So you’re probably saying to yourself, “What’s the big deal? I’ve seen a lot of companies that offer these kind of services. What sets this one apart from other companies?” Well, it’s very simple actually. What stuck out to me the most In Reviewing 123College.com is the amount of attention and information they offer to parents who have question about how they should go about handling this process. There is an entire section of their website dedicated to answer general questions. They don’t redirect them or tell them they have to sign up first. It’s all right there. They great part is, they go in depth when answering questions that matter. They are not just one or two word response. They give them so much information that the customers probably won’t even need their services anymore. Which probably isn’t the best thing to do for business, but it sure says a lot. It says that they genuinely care about getting people educated and on the right track to obtaining a higher education. That is self is a more of a public service if anything, and they should be commended on it. Now, how does that effect the actual business they do, and how have people responded to their way of doing business? That’s another story.


123College.com Review: Testimonials

Unfortunately, despite how much we appreciate the services 123College.com offers and how they offer it, they haven’t had much luck with their consumers. In Reviewing 123College.com, we found that the majority of people who used 123College.com are very unhappy. They’ve left a trail of unsatisfied customers. Here’s what some people had to say about their experience. One consumer said, “We paid 123college $ 1,500 to find scholarships and get the FAFSA documents filed. The rep who we met with made it sound like there are thousands of scholarships out there which we can tap into. Result: They brought zero to the table. $1,500 to fill out some documents is definitely not recommendable.” Getting someone to pay that amount of money on something you can’t deliver is pretty bad. They should have been refunded their money. Another Consumer said. “We contracted with 123 College last year for my daughter’s freshman year. The dates 123 College gave us for filing our forms were the wrong dates. This year the package was even worse. 123 said we should probably change schools. Change schools?? That’s the response from 123 college? The jury is still out since there are two years left. But to be honest, we do not expect much from 123 College. To make matters worse, we had been communicating with one of their agents who was not responding back to us. When I called 123 they said, “Oh, he is out on medical leave.” I feel for him, but no one was picking up the slack?”

From what this person is saying, it sounds like 123college.com has no idea what they are doing. They paid for a service, dong all the work and, they are getting the run around. On top of that, there isn’t anyone to answer their calls when they have questions. If it weren’t for the fact that 123College.com has been open for 21 years, I’d say they were probably a scam.  Another consumer said, “The Salesman is rude and harrasses for the funding. My phone rang off the hook everyday until I made a decision. Unfortunately, I submitted my funds and because of life changes, did not move forward with the program. They refuse to provide a refund and have absorbed without any services being rendered. Advisors Stay Away!” I hate it when companies harass people. I understand trying to get people to sign up for your program. every company does that. When you start calling people relentlessly, pressuring them into making a decision, you’ve gone too far. Any company that operates that way, let alone condones that kind of behavior, shouldn’t be allowed to operate.

In Reviewing 123College.com We did seem to find a positive testimonial in a sea of negatives. it was hard, but we fished it out of the ocean. One consumer said, ” Your superb advice ultimately helped Susan receive over 87% of her tuition and cost. Last year she had decided on a private prestigious college here in Portland. This university gave her a tremendous package of grants, scholarships and Stafford loans and financial aid. This year, you and your staff have helped us file the FAFSA and CSS Profile. Once again Our heartfelt appreciation to you for all that you have done us. We highly recommend your services to anyone who needs financial assistance and feels overwhelmed by the confusing financial aid process. It has been our pleasure working with you and your company. Again our many thanks.” There you go, one positive one. Thought I will be honest with you, it sort of sounded like it was written by a relative or friend of someone who works at 123College.com.


123College.com Review: Pro & Cons

So now that have a good understanding of what kind of company 123College.com is, here’s a basic overview of some pros and cons we complied In Reviewing 123College.com for you to consider. I have a feeling that the list of cons is going to be much longer than the list of pros. It’s sort of unfortunate that the cons out weigh the pros. 123College.com had a lot of potential to become a really reputable company.

  • 123College.com has been open since 1994.

So regardless of all the negativity surrounding them, they do have 21 years of experience in the business.

  • 123College.com does actually have a location.

They are not just a website like most people think.

  • 123College.com pretty much has no idea what they are doing.

According to various testimonies from consumers and reputable sites, you’re bound to spend money on a group of unintelligible people who will do absolutely nothing for you.

  • The companies name is “123College.com.”

That is probably the absolute worst name for a company. It sounds more like a username or someone’s email address. That’s probably what it was at some point.

  • 123College.com doesn’t believe the customer is always right.

This is just common sense for anyone who has a business. Don’t make the customers mad or go out of your way to antagonize them. In reviewing 123College.com, I found that most of the negative feedback was met with rebuttals from the company. They engaged in too many cat fights for me to consider them to be of an value to consumers.

  • They are nothing but empty promises

One Consumer spent $1500 on one of their programs because they said it would produce results, and it didn’t. They didn’t even refund him. Shameful. Just Shameful.

123College.com Review: Can We Recommend?

Can we recommend that you use 123College.com? No,we most certainly cannot. What I can do is recommend is that you look elsewhere for your college financial planning needs. In Reviewing 123College.com I found countless companies that offer the same exact services. Companies that will not rip you off and actually get the job done. Companies that will not make you pay a fortune and then make you do the work yourself. Companies that will pick up when you call, because they see you as a valued customer. What I can also recommend you do is go to the 123College.com website and read all the information they give. Unfortunately that seems to be all they’re good for. They should genuinely consider turning their website into just a college resource website, because whatever they are doing, just does not seem to be working. That way at least some positive feelings would be associated with their name. Though, regardless of how we feel, we always recommend you take a look for yourself and form your own opinions. They truth of the matter is that everyone is different, and they might actually work for you and serve your needs (though I greatly doubt they will).

123College.com Review: Conclusion

In this 123College.com Review,  the CFRB gives this College Financial Planning Company 1 star. Check our resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for other  Financial Planning reviews. its great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there.


Farr & Associates Review: 3 Stars

Farr & Associates Review: Introduction

In This Review of Farr & Associates we bring to you an Insurance company that is based in the city of Santa Barbara, CA. Farr & Associates is a firm with broad-based professional knowledge that offers insurance products, financial services, and employee benefits plans best suited to the individual needs of their clients. Their approach is pretty straight forward: it’s all about service. Through the knowledge and professionalism of their staff, they develop strategies tailored to their customers’ particular insurance needs. In reviewing Farr & Associates, we found that they have something in common with every striving company out there. They have a set of goals that they constantly try to achieve not only in every business transaction they do, but in the general operations of their company as well. The first goal is to be good at what they do and to be recognized leaders in their area of specialization. The second Goals is to have their clients enjoy doing business with them. The third goal is to deliver products and services as promised. The final and probably most important goal is to give back to the communities they serve. Truthfully, most of the time, companies state they have goals such as these just to attract customers. It’s not an actual guarantee of what you’ll find when working with this company.


 Farr & Associates Review:Team & Services

In Reviewing Farr & Associates, we took at a look a the main staff that is heading up the company. A company is always sort of a reflection of the leadership. Take a pirate ship for example. The Pirate ship is only a pirate ship because it is being run by pirates. Take away the pirates, its just a ship. So you can always tell by the leadership that is spear heading the company what they are all about. Judging by what their website says, The core team is fairly credible, and seems to have a good head on their shoulders. Each Description that is attached to one of the team members consist of a long list of degrees and accreditation they have received over the course of their professional life.

Farr & Associates offers a number of different services to the public. In Reviewing them, we found that they are not just a one trick pony. No, and anyone who thinks that is quite mistaken. They offer services ranging from Group Health Insurance to Individual Health Insurance, and pretty much everything in between. So what sets them apart from the regular run of the mill insurance company? To be completely honesty, not a whole lot. They offer most of the same services every other insurance company will offer you. So why even bother talking about Farr & Associates? Well, what attracted us to them was their A+ rating on one of the most credible websites out there; the Better Business Bureau. If you’re not familiar with the Better Business Bureau, it’s incredibly hard to achieve a rating of A+. They have rigorous requirement and constant check up to make sure that the companies that hold their accreditation are up to Parr. Purely for the benefit of the consumer. So it’s definitely noteworthy when an average company like Farr & Associates get such a rating.


Farr & Associates Review: Web Presence & Testimonial

In reviewing Farr & Associates, we found it to be kind of tough to find to find them. this was due to the fact that they have almost the same exact name as another insurance company called “Farr Associates.” So it’s a sort of a classic case of finance companies and their lack of creativity when it comes to branding and things of that nature. This proved to be incredibly difficult when it came to finding things like reviews from credible sources.I was under the impression that we could find reviews for such a credible company, but we were unable to. We thought that we had found their yelp page, but it turned out to be the page belonging to Farr Associates. Other than the lack of online credibility, which we found to be rather odd considering that that company has been around for a while, the website that Farr & Associates has is very user-friendly and should do the trick for anyone looking to gain more info about the company.


Farr & Associates Review: Can We Recommend?

I cannot honestly say that this is a company that I would recommend personally or professionally. They seem to have all their duck in order on paper, but they have absolutely nothing backing them up other than the A+ rating on the BBB. Which I am certainly not looking over, but I wouldn’t put money on this company if I had to. I think they are definitely worth taking a look at if you’re interested and live in the areas in which they operate. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the first to give this company a review online. So, like always approach with caution, but don’t be afraid of doing business with a company you’re not entirely familiar with.  In this Farr& Associates Review.  the CFRB gives this Insurance Company 3 stars. Check our resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for other  Life Insurance reviews. its great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there.