Consolidebt LLC Review: 2 Stars


In this Consolidebt LLC Review, we bring to you a debt consolidation company that has torn a bit of a divide between consumers, and credible sources. Some say this company that is bad egg, not to be trifled with. Some say it’s a company that has a set a new standard for doing business. So we are here to set the record straight once and for all in this Consolidebt LLC Review. It’s remarkably important that we do so, for the sake of consumers everywhere. I’ve heard one too many horror stories about people who take a gander on a company that was sort of 50/50, and then regretting it immensely down the road.

Consolidebt LLC is located in Anaheim, CA. In this Consolidebt LLC Review we found that Consolidebt LLC opened shop on August, 04 2008. Which means that the Consolidebt LLC has been in business for about a hair under 8 years. From what I can find while writing this Consolidebt LLC Review, their sole function is surrounded around debt relief services. Which is no surprise, there company is named Consolidebt LLC after all. I suppose what we are taking into question here is not what they claim to be, but the incredible inconsistency that is riddled throughout the internet about Consolidebt LLC.


Web Presence & Warning Signs

We always look for red flags whenever we review a company. In this Consolidebt LLC Review, we found a couple of red flags waving proud. Though one flag is probably greater than the other, it’s important that both are noted. The first and less seriously flag would be there web presence. It’s always a good sign when a company has a strong and positive web presence. It may sound like a piece of cake, but it really is quite a difficult to acquire. Though, if you acquire such a thing, it certainly becomes a stamp of approval for all to see. Consolidebt LLC has no such presence. In fact, in this Consolidebt LLC Review we found that if you go to their BBB page, there will be a section on it where you can be the first to like their social media pages. That’s right, folks. You can be the first to like an up and coming company that is sure to take the world by storm.

In this Consolidebt LLC Review the other more seriously flag that must be noted is the fact that Consolidebt LLC doesn’t follow the FTC rules. For those of you who don’t know, the FTC is a bipartisan federal agency that protects consumers by stopping unfair, deceptive or fraudulent practices in the marketplace. It’s a great parameter that keeps consumers safe, and keeps companies in check. The fact that Consolidebt LLC doesn’t abide by their regulations says to me that the security of their consumers is not a priority. Which in turn means that they can’t be the most trustworthy. For now though, I’ll hold my judgement until the very end of this Consolidebt LLC Review. Though, I am starting to get a clearer picture of what happened to Consolidebt LLC.


Before I get into the testimonials from consumers, I want to first highlight what initially triggered my interest in this company. In this Consolidebt LLC Review, I took a peek at their Better Business Bureau page, like we do with most companies that we review on the CFRB. I find that it’s a good reference point. A place where I can always go back to. A sort of “All roads lead to Rome” type of thing. There I find all the basic information I need to begin my investigation. The Better Business Bureau has them at an F rating. Which I am pretty sure, is the lowest rating you could possible receive. Other than being listed with a warning that is. They also have listed one complaint, which was in regard to their advertising and sales tactics.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. One complaint isn’t too bad. Some companies would kill just to have one complaint. Here’s the thing though. It’s not the complaint that peaked my interest. It’s the fact that there was a failure to respond to the complaint. Not responding to one complaint is way worse than a company that has 10 complaints, but they’ve responded to all them. From the looks of it, I believe that Consolidebt LLC is less active than we previously thought.


Consumer Testimonials

With that in mind here are what some consumers are saying about Consolidebt LLC. One consumer wrote, “I would recommend Consolidebt LLC to anyone who is trying to become debt free. They have helped me greatly, and I am so grateful to the company and there staff for all there help and support.” That’s funny, I had no idea that they had a full staff. According the BBB page, theirs is only one person working there. Maybe they outsourced there work to India. Another Consumer wrote, “I was referred to Consolidebt LLC through another company actually. They took their time with everything, and explained it thoroughly to me. Making sure that I understood everything properly. “



In this Consolidebt LLC Review, after gathering every bit of information I could find about Consolidebt LLC, I feel that I am ready to share with you what I feel happened here. I don’t believe that Consolidebt LLC is a bad or untrustworthy company. Everything I found all points in another direction. I believe that Consolidebt LLC is a company that was started by an independent party. Most likely a person who wanted to get out of the corporate rat race, and make a name for themselves. They probably decided that starting their own business would be much better than working for another company. So they made an attempt off get things off the ground. From the looks of it, they didn’t stick to their guns and jumped ship. My guess is they probably got a job somewhere else, and gave up the dream. This would explain a lot. Like the fact that they never addressed the consumer complaint on the BBB or the fact that the last review they received was in 2011. It would also explain why their website is still incomplete. Most of the reviews online about this company were probably written by friends and family. There were only a handful of them. Which is a tactic that is understandable. Every brand new company needs positive feedback from consumers. What do business owners do? Thy turn to friends and family.

So, can we recommend that you use the services of Consolidebt LLC? No, we cannot simply because it does not appear to still be in business. In this Consolidebt LLC Review the CFRB gives this company 2 stars only because it doesn’t appear they are still around. Check our Resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for other Financial Planning reviews. Its great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there.