In this American Family Insurance Review,  we take a look at an Insurance Company that offers essentially every kind of insurance, but it really known for their auto insurance services. For over 80 year, American Family Insurance has strived to give it’s customers a peace of mind by making their insurance experience easy and convenient. They are located throughout 19 states and serve as local expert and trusted advisers. American Family Insurance seems like stand up company.  Everything from their mission statement to their costumer reviews listed on their website leads us to believe that this Insurance company is doing right by consumers. Yet, we couldn’t seem to shake a funny feeling we were having initially. So we did a little digging. What we found surprised us greatly. We found a whpping 123 complaints about American Family Insurance. “Unbelievable,” we said. “They have the word ‘Family’ in their name. Surely we can trust them.” Well apparently not. Now we don’t want to jump the gun here and assume that we understand the entirety of the situation, because we don’t. We just thought that it would be best if you were aware of what people are saying online.

There’s a common theme we found when sifting through consumer reports. Many reported terrible customer service experiences, and a lack on competence from the representatives. Almost all reports suggest avoiding American Family Insurance. One Consumer said, “After more that 4 decades with a different insurer, I switched to American Family Insurance. The biggest mistake of my adult life! The staff and Agency owners were incompetent liars, and it was impossible to get them to communicate. I caution anyone who is contemplating business with American Family Insurance.” Sort of sounds like they’ve got bratty children running things at American Family Insurance. I think at the core this is a good company. That really does strive to some extent. So I don’t question the morals and intent of American Family Insurance. It just sounds like they need some restructuring and a little change in their staff roster. They operate in 19 states. That’s quite a lot of employees to manage. I’m sure people do things that effect the company negatively, and get away with it. Which is wrong, but you’ll find that everywhere you go. scumbags who have no appreciation for anything. I don’t see a company that is doomed. I see a company that can have a future, but that all depends on their ability to refocus their entire company the beliefs and morals that launched them so many years ago. We will be keeping an eye on American Family Insurance. For know, we recommend you stay away.

In this review of American Family Insurance, The CFRB gives this Life Insurance company company a 1 star rating. Check Our Resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check OurReviews page for more insight into trusted companies.


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