In this Review of Archer Team Homes, Inc. we bring to you a real estate company that has proven to be a classic example of something we are always talking about. Companies that promise great things and look great on the front, but really aren’t all that they are making themselves out to be.  We says these things not trying to sound biased in any. After all, these kind of tactics are used by almost everyone who was a business of some kind. I don’t care if you’re a real estate agency  or a pastry bakery. You and your business are at the mercy of the consumers. You’re business is like a your child, and you’re going to do everything in your power to keep it going strong. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a line that every company must be aware of. A very fine line between operating honestly, and lying and taking advantage of customers. I’m not saying that Archer Team Homes, Inc. did that, but I do think it is a topic that we will be covering in this review. So hopefully, we can provide some insight for those who may have considered doing business with Archer Team Home, Inc.

Archer Team Homes, Inc. Review: Introduction

Archer Team Homes, Inc. is located in the city of Fresno in the state of California. The company doors opened to the public in 2003. Dennis and Donna Archer have been real estate agents for over 30 years and have been engaged in Property Management of single family homes and multi-units for over 12 years. It is their priority to remove the daily stress of managing your own property from you. In Reviewing Archer Team Homes, Inc., I found that this company has a great emphasis on property management. Which is good to see. It’s always a good sign to see a company in a field to that can tend to be rather broad, that has some sort of focus. An area in which they specialize in and would give them an advantage over other companies. A lot of the time you’ll see companies who make the mistake of saying they can do everything. Most of the time they can, but you won’t always get the level of service that you would receive if you went to a person or place that had a focus on a particular area. Those “everything” companies are kind of like Costco in a sense. They’ve got everything, even though each item might not be the best yo can possible attain.

What Exactly sets Archer Team Homes, Inc. apart from other, more notable competitors? Other than the notable focus on property management, not a whole lot. In Reviewing Archer Team Homes, Inc. we found that they offer the mostly the same service that most companies in this industry do. So Why even bother talk about a company that is no different from any other company on the outside? This company has heart, which I appreciate. Dennis and Donna Archer and the poster children for their real estate company. Regardless of reviews, ratings, etc. Seeing the seemingly happy couples faces is heart warming and ensues a sense of trust and relate-ability. To the average consumer, seeing that is probably greater than any review you could read. It’s says, “You can trust us.” to a possible first time home buyer who is nervous about dealing with real estate companies. It says,” We understand.” to the veteran home buyer who has dealt with difficult people in the past. If there’s anything that gives them an advantage of the competition, it’s that.

Archer Team Homes, Inc. Review: Web Presence

In reviewing Archer Team Homes, Inc. we found that regardless of all the heart and spunk they might have, they’re not doing to well when it comes to online credibility. Which is probably the most important thing. The second you hit enter on google, you’re hit with their 2 star rating on yelp along with a list of 1 star reviews. Having that as the first thing that people associate with your company is not good. Especially when the reviews are long paragraphs filled with detail. Granted, they only have about 7 reviews or so on Yelp, but all seven are negative. There is one thing that sort of counter balances the negativity. They have an A- rating on the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Which is quite the accomplishment. Yet, even that doesn’t necessarily prove their credibility. They have customer complaints list on their BBB page. Some of which, the Better Business Bureau has said they have never responded to. I always try to cut a company some slack when they at least respond to a complaint and make an attempt to resolve it. No company is perfect after all. They are all run by humans. It’s when they recognizer that and actually take responsibility for their imperfection that counts.

As far their website goes, Archer Team Homes, Inc. has an average run of the mill page. Which isn’t a bad thing. I actually quite appreciate the simplicity. It holds all the information you need. From phone number and addresses, to listings they have in the Fresno Area. Realistically you don’t need much more than that. It’s frustrating to see companies that have these really extravagant sites with like a thousand pages (not literally), with way too much information. You don’t want to confuse consumers and overwhelm them. I’ve experienced that before. You just get flooded with fancy graphics, and too many options. That kind of feeling just makes you want to leave. So, overall I’d say the website is very user-friendly, and will certainly point you in thew right direction if you’re considering doing business with Archer Team Homes, Inc. Another thing I will point out about the Archer Team Home, Inc. website is the fact that they have a section for community and school reports. It’s a great tool to figure out how close your home is to some very important local establishments.

Archer Team Homes, Inc. Review: Testimonials

. Here’s what people are saying about Archer Team Home, Inc. Keep in mind, the feedback we found while reviewing Archer Team Homes, Inc. is mostly negative. One Consumer said, “I wanted to rent a property from Archer Team Homes and when I went into the office to have a few questions answered after no one returned my calls, the lady at the front desk was very rude and short with her responses. I assumed the calls not being returned within 48 hours could have had some reasoning behind it but when I went to the actual office and was only greeted with an unpleasant employee, it was a deal breaker for me.  I have 6 years of PERFECT rental history never a late payment and I was ready to rent a property from them…But nope! They could not even return a phone call or hire knowledgeable and kind employees.” Tough break for this consumer. It sort of makes you wonder what kind of require they have in place for renting a property. If a person with 6 years of perfect rental history can’t get a place, then who can? Another consumer said, “We applied for a rental, paid the fee, and waited. And waited. After repeated calls, we were finally approved, but they started hemming and hawing about our dogs, at one point, asking point-blank if we’d be willing to get rid of them. Now, less than three weeks before we have to be out of our current place (while we’re traveling for the holidays), they inform us that the homeowner has changed his mind about renting the place. No calls or anything. Just Terrible!” They literally made people part ways with their beloved pets. then in the end, it was all for nothing. Talk about screwing people over.

Another Consumer Said, “Property owners beware!  Suspicious and frequent accounting/billing errors, an unethically slanted property management agreement, poor communication, and overall mismanagement…mostly from the owner…makes this business a hazard for all property owners.  Also, buyer beware…as the business is for sale.” The next testimonial is more of a mixed review, rather than completely negative.

One Consumer said, “I have had a mixed experience with this company. I have rented with them for around four years now. As a tenant, the main concern is how well they handle repair requests. As a general rule they respond quickly, and get the job done. I have had three problems that didn’t go so smooth. if you have simple problem that the repairman can handle, you get pretty fast service. But for anything more complicated, there seems to be no communication between the person who takes the report and the repairman, which might save a lot of time and trouble, and if the problem is over the repairman’s head, good luck getting any follow-up.” It’s starting to sound like this company really is not on top of things. There’s a number of different issues that were highlighted in various testimonials we found while reviewing Archer Home Teams, Inc., but they all sort of had an underlying tone. That is that the company is rude, inattentive, and just doesn’t do very good work. WE tried to find a positive consumer experience, but couldn’t find anything.  That’s probably the biggest red flag ever. Also, another red flag would be the fact that they have been around for over 10 years and they hardly have any testimonials besides the negative one we have come across in reviewing Archer Team Homes, Inc.  Personally, I’d probably reconsider if I were some considering doing business with Archer Team Homes, Inc. After hearing about the experiences those folks had, I can’t guarantee 100% satisfaction. Then again, you could always be the first of to have a positive experience at Archer Team Home, Inc.


Archer Team Homes, Inc. Review: Tips & Recommendation


I suppose the question now is whether or not we can honestly recommend Archer Team Homes, Inc. Considering all that we have found in reviewing Archer Team Homes, Inc., while some things looked promising, Others were just too significant to ignore. I would probably have to say no to the recommendation. You can find another company that offers the same exact services, with actual positive reviews and credibility that you can trust. Judging by what we found online while reviewing Archer Team Homes, Inc., they’ve got a lot of work to if they want to keep their doors open.

Like I said before, this is just what we have to say about Archer Team Homes, Inc. There’s always the possibility that you might have an incredible experience. If you decide to do business with them, I certainly that is what you get. So take what we are saying with a grain of salt, and hopefully you’ll make a decision that benefits you in the long run. You always have to consider too, that maybe their way of doing things just didn’t work for some people. That doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.


Archer Team Homes, Inc. Review: Conclusion

I hope this review of Archer Team Homes, Inc. help shed some light on a company that has potential to do well, but hasn’t necessarily done everything in its power to create a trusted name. The turn around point for anything can happen anytime. The second a company wants to do better, they can. It’s not hard to create positivity. Which sort of makes me scratch my head when considering the path that Archer Team Homes, Inc. has taken. Hopefully, they’ll shake off the laziness that their customers has complained about and kick things into gear. If they don’t, I don’t see them operating for much longer. In this Archer Team Homes, Inc. Review, the CFRB gives this Real Estate Company a 2 star rating. Check Our Resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for other  Life Insurance reviews. its great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there.