A lot of exciting news coming out lately in regards to the world’s newest electronically independent currency. Usually by this time, these sort of first attempts at pioneering technological ideas produce bugs and glitches, most of which are discovered by developers. that leads to updates and bug fixes, and server down time. Which can take hours even days to make adjustments and improvements. Only to be thrown out there again, and wait for he program to fail in some other way. That doesn’t seem to be the case with bitcoin. It seems to be running smoothly. In fact, much smoother than most people anticipated. I think at this point people’s initial fears worries have now transformed into optimism, and excitement for the future. They no longer seen bitcoin as just an online currency, but the perfect usher that will hold our hand and lead us into a brighter tomorrow.  Bitcoin is building momentum, and is starting to attract attention from large corporations and even people outside of the tech world. People of great charisma and influence.

Mike Tyson Jumps Into the Bitcoin

You read that correctly, folks. Mike Tyson, the man who once blew through $400 million dollars wants to roll the dice again with a brand new idea for the electronic currency. One that could possibly really change the playing quite dramatically if it takes off, and I think that it will. My biggest peeve with bitcoin is the lack convenience in terms of currency exchange. For the average person looking to jump into the game, it can be sort of difficult to get started, and more difficult to figure out how to actually buy bitcoin. Well, Mike Tyson wants to make it easier for you. He (Probably not him) is developing a a bitcoin ATM website that will convert your money into bitcoin in 20 seconds. The former heavyweight champion turned dancing with the stars contestant turned documentary filmmaker is about to make your life a whole life easier.

The Flip-side

Many are excited about Tyson’s new ATM venture, but not without due hesitation. Many are speculation that this whole thing could just be a scam. The website URL is not registered to Mike Tyson, but to Peter Klamka who own Bitcoin Brand Inc. and Bitcoin Direct LLC. Bitcoin Brand Inc. is an OTC stock with a market cap of less than $7000. According to Nevada State Records, Bitcoin Direct LLC opened up shop just 4 months ago. In a press release in which the company described itself as providing  bitcoin transaction solutions, it came to light that the company is being funded by Conex Cattle Corporation. A beef provider that purchased a majority stake in Bitcoin Direct LLC immediately after in opened. Hmm…a beef provider? Either this is a huge scam or Mike Tyson just has friends in weird places, and is genuinely interested in revolutionizing the bitcoin industry.

I personally think that it’s the latter of the two. Mike Tyson is smart, and he’s most certainly not going at this alone. He probably has a whole team of shark lawyers doing their best to protect his investment. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. Check Our Resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies.


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