Cangiano Estates Ltd. Review

In this Cangiano Estates Ltd. Review, I want to talk to you about a company that is taking the East Coast by storm. Whether your corner of the world is in Staten Island, the surrounding boroughs or in Vieterbo, Italy, the team at Cangiano Estates, Ltd has a proven success record for meeting all your real estate needs. In writing this Cangiano Estates Ltd. Review, we found that this full service real estate firm ranks among the top ten producing firms on Staten Island and offers a unique service for buying, selling and renting real estate in Italy. Another thing we found while writing this Cangiano Estates Ltd. Review. The company has made over $84M in Real Estate Sale. They are part of the top 5% of Real Estate Companies in Richmond County. Their websites also states that they have 100% Care for Client. Even though that may not make sense. I think they are trying to say they are fully dedicated to their clients. So, it’s not a real statistic. They currently have 36 active listings, and 89 past sales. Which is pretty great for such a young company. They have an A+ on the Better Business Bureau, along with a BBB Accreditation. Which they received on September 2, 2015.

 I this Cangiano Estates Ltd. Review, we discovered that Cangiano Estates Ltd. set up shop in 2006. It was started by Traci Cangiano, who has been a licensed Realtor/ Broker since 1999. She has been involved in real estate for just about 15 years and she is certainly not a time waster. Her experience, diligence and commitment to client satisfaction both delights and impresses everyone she comes in contact with. She is a professional broker that will spare no effort to successfully navigate you through the often intricate process of making the deal successful.


Cangiano Estates Ltd. Review: Services

Being a Real Estate Company, obviously their services lie in the Real Estate world. That being said, there’s many facets in which a company can specialize in we found while writing this Cangiano Estates Ltd. Review. Fortunately for you, Cangiano Estates Ltd. Specializes in mostly everything. That’s an important thing, and I will tell you why. Let me explain with a scenario in this Cangiano Estates Ltd. Review. You go to a real estate company looking for a commercial property. While they are licensed to help you out with your need, their focus is primarily on residential. So they can help you, but it’s not going to be the same as dealing with someone who specialized in that area would be. Cangiano Estates Ltd deals with everything from Residential, Commercial, Luxury, Investment Properties, even the sale of land. Another thing that I found to be rather interesting is they even operate in a certain parts of Italy.

Though I cannot explain in this Cangiano Estates Ltd. Review how they are able to do business in Italy. Considering all the rules and regulations Europe has when it comes to Real Estate Services. Italy is examining the changes introduced by the new directive of the European Union on real estate business activities. Since 2001, in Italy it is compulsory to hold a secondary-school degree and an insurance cover. It is mandatory to make a training course and pass the relevant exam. This system grants a highly professional approach along with a full client protection.


Cangiano Estates Ltd. Review: Web Presence

When it comes to the presence of Cangiano Estates Ltd, they certainly know what they are doing. I want to explain something in this Cangiano Estates Ltd. Review. A company’s presence on the Web really says a lot about the way it is being run. If a company has been around since the 60’s and they don’t have such a good Web Presence, I don’t usually hold it against them. There is multiple generation gaps between the time the company started and now. It’s hard to keep up. But if you’ve been around for a few years, and are nowhere to be found online, they you’re doing something wrong. Having a Strong Web Presence is key in winning over the Consumers trust. I can’t emphasis that enough in this Cangiano Estates Ltd. Review. 

By strong I don’t just mean having your everywhere. I mean making your online presence accessible and transparent. Cangiano Estates Ltd has an incredible web presence. You can find all the information you need along with their listings, and consumer testimonials in a breeze. They also have a blog that is incredibly informative. It’s definitely worth a read. I read a few of their articles while writing this Cangiano Estates Ltd. Review.

Cangiano Estates Ltd. Review: Consumer Testimonials

Here’s what some folks are saying about Cangiano Estates Ltd. We couldn’t seem to find any negative reviews anywhere in this Cangiano Estates Ltd. Review. Which is not surprising. One consumer wrote in this Cangiano Estates Ltd. Review:

“We chose Cangiano Estates because they are incredibly professional, honest, and knowledgeable. Traci was my realtor of choice because she runs a great company. Greg Sokol was our Listing Agent and walked with us every step of the way.  He was there for all of the inspections, and  He negotiated like a boss with the Selling Agent until we finally found the number we were looking for. Selling a home can be a very difficult and stressful time, but with Cangiano Estates it was a breeze!”

Another Consumer Wrote in this Cangiano Estates Ltd. Review:

“Cangiano Estates was great to work with. They are a very professional and knowledgeable group of people. They really listened to our needs. Cangiano Estates made the experience of being first time homeowners very easy. We were very satisfied with our experience the first time and how smoothly the process went. The second time around went even better. We highly recommend using Cangiano Estates.”

Cangiano Estates Ltd. Review: Conclusion

In this Cangiano Estates Ltd. Review, The CFRB gives this company 5 stars for really setting the bar. Check our Resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for reviews of all kind. Its great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there. Check out the previous post by clicking here.