Capital Debt Settlement out Fresno CA is receiving a proceed with caution warning in this review. This warning came up with our initial investigation through the Better Business Bureau BBB website and their warning indicates

According to the Better Business Bureau’s files , it appears that Capital Debt Settlement is no longer in operation. The telephone numbers the Better Business Bureau  has  for this company are non working, and the 411 directory shows no listing for a Capital Debt Settlement out of Fresno CA. Mail correspondence sent my USPS to Capital Debt Settlement from the Better Business Bureau is returned as undeliverable.. The BBB is recommending you seek legal advice if you have a claim against this company and we are giving them our lowest rating. We have contacted the consumers who requested this Capital Debt Settlement Review by email and recommend a halt on any new business until these matter can be cleared up and sufficiently explained.


If anyone knows any additional information that could shed more light about this Capital Debt Settlement Review please comment on this review.


Thank You

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