In This CareOne Debt Relief Services review, we take a look at a company that seems to have everyone waving a red flag. Their website has the appearance of a caring company. Heck, even their name has the word ‘care’ in it. Yet from what we’ve seen, caring is the absolute last thing they are doing. Their website says they’ve helped over 5 million people find a better way out of debt. A better way, eh? (They probably showed them the door, and pointed them to the nearest trusted company.) Haha, there’s a little humor for you. In all honesty, I don’t know how they are still up and running. I trifled though countless testimonies from consumers (victims). All of them yelling, “Run the other way!” If anyone is smart enough to check them out, before using their services, they’ll do just that. Here’s what some people have said about CareOne Debt Relief Services.

“If anyone out there is reading this, I got ripped off by CareOne. I was with them almost three years and was on my last payment according to them and when I called my creditor to get the balance, they said I still owed them $5700 dollars and I said, “That’s crazy, it should be $274.95 dollars.” That’s when they told me they are not a settlement company and did not accept CareOne’s proposal. Later, I found they only made proposals to my creditors. What a waste.” Another consumer stated, “After reading several reviews and doing some research, it became quite apparent that I would rather try to do this myself.” They didn’t bother looking for any other companies. Reading about CareOne left such a bad taste in their mouth, they lost all faith in debt relief programs.

We found that most of the testimonies have a consistent theme. That would be CareOne Debt Relief Service not actually getting anything done. People pay and pay, and this company barely moves a finger. Shame Shame, We know your name.

In this review of CareOne Debt Relief Services, The CFRB gives this debt consolidation company a 0 star rating. Check Our Resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies.


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