Hydra Fund Loan Review

Hydra Fund Loan Review

Hydra Fund Loan Review


In this Hydra Fund Loan Review, we want to highlight a payday loan company that you should avoid at all costs. It’s no secret that dealing with payday loan companies is sometimes a bit of a gamble. You need money as soon as possible and you fall into the clutches of these bloodsucking leeches that will take you for every penny you’ve got. Over the years, I have come across a few good payday loan companies that operate with some level of honesty and integrity. Unfortunately, that it rarely the case. So, let’s get this Hydra Fund Loan Review started. So, you can stay away and stay safe.

In this Hydra Fund Loan Review, we discovered that all business is done through their site GetFastPay.com. So, what this means is that there are no actual physical locations. GetFastPay.com by Hydra Fund Loan is a matching service which submits your inquiry to its network of lenders. There is no cost for submitting an inquiry. The fees and rates are quoted directly by the lender which is matched to your profile. Hydra Fund Loan deals primarily in short-term loans, offering anyone between $100-$1000 immediately once they qualify.


Hydra Fund Loan Review: Rates & Fees

One of the things we found while writing this Hydra Fund Loan Review is that the rates and fees you will face greatly vary depending on which state you live in. For example. If you live in the state of Delaware, your max loan amount is $500. While the fee attached to this loan has no limit. Meaning the lender could essentially charge you whatever they want. The same thing goes with the state of South Dakota. In writing this Hydra Fund Loan Review, we found that there are some states that do not have any specific lending statutory provisions pertaining to payday loans. It’s incredibly important you read the fine print and consider every aspect of the deal you are partaking in. But before you do that, consider finding a trusted and reputable payday loan company (good luck with that). Please don’t use Hydra Fund Loan.


Hydra Fund Loan Review: Credibility

Here are some things we uncovered in this Hydra Fund Loan Review that have lead us to believe this is a company you should stay away from. In looking over their profile on the Better Business Bureau, it is littered with nothing but red flags. Numerous negative comments left by consumers. Pages of complaints (which are separate from the comments). A C rating which is soon to drop to an F, I am sure.

We also found a notice from the Better Business Bureau stating the following:

“Now, BBB does not have active contact information for the company or its principals to allow BBB to communicate with the company regarding complaints. Unless there is an active way to contact the company, BBB is unable to pursue a resolution to complaints. However, BBB is still accepting and reporting complaints, including publishing details of those complaints within this Business Review on the company. If active contact information for the company or its principals becomes available to BBB, we will pursue communications and resolutions at that time. Due to the nature of the complaints, BBB recommends filing complaints with their local Attorney General Consumer Protection Section and the Federal Trade Commission, for any assistance they may be available to provide and/or to aid in any investigation their regulatory offices may be able to pursue.”

What do you think it means when a company shuts out the Better Business Bureau and continues to operate? To me, it says they have something to hide. The BBB even goes as far as recommending consumers file complaints with the AGCPS & the FTC.


Hydra Fund Loan Review: Consumer Testimonials

This part of the Hydra Fund Loan Review is probably the most important. This is the part where we give you testimonials to back up our findings and suspicions. Here’s what one consumer had to say about Hydra Fund Loan:

“fraudulent account practices. I originally applied for a payday loan back in 2012. Hydra fund also deposited **** in my account without permission. I called to dispute they initially told me they didn’t have an account for me. Now I am being contacted by creditors. This has been added to my credit. I have another company which I have made a settlement with whom assumed I was also part of hydra fund.”

Another Consumer wrote:

“I took a small loan from this co. I was charged twice for the balance.
I took a small payday loan from this company. in 2013. I paid it through mediation. In 2015, they sent the amount plus high penalties to collections, threatening me with legal action. I paid it again. I cannot reach this company nor do they have a working phone number. They should be ashamed of themselves.”

To be quite honest, I don’t know how they are still in business. With this many complaints, I am sure The FTC has caught wind of it all. What surprises me, even more, is that people are still using them for their payday loan needs. Most of which are unsuspecting individuals in tight spots. They go looking to get the help they need and end up getting screwed over in the end.

In my opinion, nothing good ever comes from these payday loan companies. Just more financial turmoil and stress.


Hydra Fund Loan Review: Conclusion

I highly recommend you stay away from Hydra Fund Loan. I highly recommend you stay away from payday loan companies in general, but if you decide to go to one, please don’t go to this one. Unless you are purposely looking to get ripped off and scammed.

In this Hydra Fund Loan Review, The CFRB Gives this payday loan company a 0-star rating and would like to issue a “warning”. Check Our Resources page for a list of trusted companies like Signature One Financial, which have received 4 stars or better.

Finova Financial Review: 5 Stars

Finova Financial Review: 5 Stars

In this Finova Financial Review, I want to talk to you about a trusted payday loan company. Yep, you heard right folks. A trusted payday loan company. You are probably in disbelief right now because of all the nasty things you have heard about payday loan companies. Finova’s Car Equity Line of Credit (C-LOC) is the best way to get the cash you need. They have some how found a way to make it simple and clear what your costs will be upfront for their service. Along with online access 24×7 to your personal loan portal to see all loan terms, payment schedule, payments made, and your contract so you can keep track of your progress.


Finova Financial Review: Basic Facts:

  • 30% Maximum APR
  • Fees include: $75 DMV Lien Fee, $25 Credit Investigation Fee, $25 Annual Fee, Document Stamp Tax (Varies depending on loan amount). All fees are rolled into the life of the loan.
  • Payback of loan is required in case of accident. If your insurance company will not provide coverage, we can arrange a Debt Cancellation Addendum. We are not affiliated with any insurance companies and receive no payments for referrals.
  • Maximum repayment length of 12 months
  • Minimum repayment time 12 months
  • Pay off at any time with no prepayment penalty or fee



Finova Financial Review: Consumer Testimonials


In this Finova Financial Review I want to bring to you some consumer testimonials. Here the first in this  Finova Financial Review: 

“I had an unexpected bill show up, of course it’s in between my paydays so I went online and found Finova Financial. The customer service was exceptional! It had to be by far the easiest Loan process. It was quick and simple and the best part is I did it all from my house. I will definitely be recommending Finova Financial to everyone who may need some extra cash for any reason.”

Here’s another testimonial in this  Finova Financial Review

“Finova was the first one that popped up and sounded good to me. The application process was pretty easy. My personal loan processor was good. Plus the agent, was very good and nice. She explained everything very well and would joke around with me on the phone. Everything’s fine so far, I would recommend Finova.”


Finova Financial Review: Conclusion

In this Finova Financial Review, The CFRB gives this Company 5 stars. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for reviews of all kind. It’s great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there. Check out the previous post by clicking here.

State Officials Have a Problem with Some of the CFPB Rules

State Officials Have a Problem with Some of the CFPB Rules

A number of key official from various states urged a federal regulator to tighten proposed rules on payday loans. They said that the new regulations could possibly result in the return of Lenders that are high interest. Lenders that have gone out of business in their states.

The CFPB will most likely finish compiling the rules early next year. Rules that will most likely take effect 15 months after they are published. These regulations represent a comprehensive effort to rein in the payday lenders that primarily cater to about 12 million Americans, most of which are low income citizens.

The CFPB doesn’t actually have the power to change interest-rate limits on the financial products it regulates. The new rules will require lenders to thoroughly check the borrowers’ ability to pay their loans. More than a dozen states along with the District of Columbia do have limits on rates, which prohibit payday lending by making it unprofitable. This move might encourage efforts to get rid of stringent state usury caps.


The CFPB has gotten about a million comments in regards to the very nature of the rules. Some states have complained that the CFPB that it is meddling with their efforts to regulate local businesses. A complaint that is completely understandable. When news regulations are introduced, they have the tendency to disrupt business practices already in place.

The attorneys general from states like New York and Pennsylvania, pointed to proposed “exemptions” from the new rules’ requirement to verify the loans are affordable to borrowers. Many people, including consumers feel that the rules being proposed might have loopholes. Like making it alright for lenders to make six payday loans to one customer before the ability-to-repay requirement kicks in.

The CFPB has said the new requirements set a “minimum standard” and don’t pre-empt stronger state laws, but only in the rules’ preamble. The attorneys general asked for a similar statement to be included in the body of the rules as well.

“It is essential to preserve the ability of individual states…to maintain their existing usury caps,” the officials said, adding that such caps are “the single most effective way of ending the harms” of payday and other high-interest loans.

Among the states with rate caps, New York prohibits most non-bank lenders that aren’t licensed by the state from charging more than 16% interest annually on small unsecured loans, while those licensed by the state can’t charge more than 25%. Those rates are sharply lower than those charged by small-dollar lenders, which can be as high as 400%.



Check our Resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for reviews of all kind. Its great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there. Check out the previous post by clicking here.

Check City Review: 4 Stars

Check City Review

 In this Check City Review we are talking about a pay day loan company that has actually proven to be a rather honest company that has served the community well. Now, I am not saying you should run out to your nearest pay day loan company, and take out a loan with a 214% APR attached to it. I am simply saying that if you have already decided that’s.

In this Check City Review we found that they offers competitive fees and loan amounts. Although the online process is not as quick as going to a physical location, the in-store route is quick and efficient. You may need to provide a check to cover the loan amount when you apply in a store, but that also makes you eligible for the competitive in-store APR. With the competitive APR and fees, Check City is good choice for payday loans in Las Vegas. you’re taking, then you might as well go with a company that is somewhat honest.

Check City first opened its’ doors in 1985. We found while writing this Check City Review that since then, they have open up multiple branches across the U.S., and offer online loans to those who are unable to make it to one of their branches. Which was a good move for them. In a world, where everything that is physical is disappearing and showing up online, it’s good of them to jump on that train. I do like that they did not completely irradiate their branches. It’s such a shame when companies do that. You remove the human factor from a business, and force your consumers to deal with robots and automated voice assistants.


General Information

Let’s talk a little about their terms and rates in this Check City Review. For the terms, you have to remember that this a payday loan company. Meaning they are not going to offer you 3-5 years. It’s more like 8-36 business days. Which is understandable. Consider the maximum loan amount ranges between $500 and $2,500. Like I said, it all depends on your state. In terms of the rates you can get, that also depends on the state that you live, the amount you borrowed, and the term of your loan. I saw loan while writing this Check City Review that had a %270, but that’s a period 35 days. Then I saw a loan that had a %1150 interest rate, but that’s over a period of 8 days. Regardless of what you do, you’re taking a bit of a gamble. You’re always going to take a gamble when dealing pay day loan companies. Though, you might fare better with Check City.  Just something to think about.


Web Presence & Warning Signs

In this Check City Review I’d like to talk about a few different things. The first thing is their web presence. Their web presence is actually very good. Which is something they really can’t afford to drop the ball on. Seeing that a good portion of their business is conducted online. I have looked through their website, and it is very easy to use. The navigation was smooth, and there is plenty of information for you to look through to help you make the right decisions.

One of the things that I found to be rather refreshing in this Check City Review is how transparent Check City. Usually these companies cover up their facts, and blast you with promises of a greater tomorrow, and you either have to call or go in to one of their stores to get any answers. Check City puts all the info right on their website for you to see. This speaks volumes to me. It says that they know what they are, and they know what kind of rates they have, but that doesn’t mean they are in it to take advantage of people. Check City just scored a point in this Check City Review.


Consumer Testimonials

One of the reasons why I wanted to write this Check City Review is because of two things. Their consistent positive testimonials that I found online, and because of their A+ rating and accreditation on the Better Business Bureau. Seeing a payday loan company with an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau is like seeing a unicorn swimming in Lake Lochness. Here’s what consumers are saying about Check City in this Check City Review.

“I’ve been using the services of Check City for a couple years now. I come here all the time to load my Netspend card, so I can do things like pay my bills, order my beard cosmetics, and buy concert tickets, etc. I also just found that they offer free money orders. That’s pretty amazing! The staff is always very kind, and the store is always super clean.  I also love that there open 24/7.”

There were some issues that were listed online about the company, but they were mostly location specific, they really didn’t pertain to the actual company itself. They were about things like their parking lot. Nothing really noteworthy.



In this Check City Review, can we recommend that you use their services? Yes, if it is absolutely necessary. If it’s not, then you should not even go close to a pay day loan company.  In this Check City Review the CFRB gives this company 4 stars. Check our Resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for other Financial Planning reviews. Its great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there.

Ace Cash Express Review: 2 Stars

Ace Cash Express Review: Introduction

In this review of Ace Cash Express, we bring to you a payday loan company located in Irving, TX.  ACE Cash Express, Inc. is a leading financial services provider, specializing in short-term consumer loans, bill pay, and prepaid debit card services, as well as the largest owner operator of check cashing stores in the United States. In business since 1968, ACE Cash Express focuses on serving consumers seeking alternatives to traditional banking relationships by gaining convenient, immediate access to financial services. They are an old fashioned company that has somehow managed to maintain their business throughout the years. That’s a real special thing to find today. A lot of the time, you’ll sew companies that have been around for a while just go under, because they can’t handle the technological advancements that eventually rule their industries. Slowly, but surely you begin to see companies just phase out, because new and easier ways of doing things come out everyday. Just look what happened to video stores like Blockbuster. They got phased out by Redbox. Don’t be surprised if the same thing happens to Redbox. Everything is online and available to the public.

Ace Cash Express Review: Distinct Services

Is there anything that sets Ace Cash Express apart from the general competition. Well, not exactly. In reviewing Ace Cash Express we found that they are just a regular payday loan company, but that’s a tall order to fill. Most companies out there, regardless of any claims made, all sort of operate within a particular vein. Especially companies that geared towards finance. The only thing that probably makes Ace Cash Express stand out is there sense of integrity. That’s actually a very hard thing to find when looking for payday loan companies. I can’t tell you how man horror stories I’ve heard about certain popular payday loan companies. People go there thinking that they will be the solution to their problems, and then they end up getting screwed over. You really have to be careful when dealing with payday loan companies, folks. I can’t seem to say that enough.If you don’t know what you’re doing,they will do everything in their power to put you in a worse position than you were before you came in. It’s probably the worst gamble that any one can ever take, and I always advise against using payday loan services. That’s just me though. I’m sure they’re not all bad.

Ace Cash Express Review: Consumer Testimonials

Here’s what folks are saying about Ace Cash Express. It’s actually sort of surprising considering all that we found while reviewing Ace Cash Express. One Consumer said, “On January 12, 2016 we received an email stating my husband owes “X” amount of dollars and if he did not respond they would inform the credit bureaus and his place of employment. They sent other threatening messages about filing suit against my husband. Some of these emails made no sense, so I know it’s coming from a foreigner.” Another Consumer said, “I have received a total of 6 threatening emails about being taken to court for a payday loan that I do not have and I do not owe! Something needs to give because I am tired of being harassed on a daily basis. They can never come up with good paperwork and their English is the worse when they send you an email.” One more consumer said, “I received a settlement letter from them when I don’t even remember taking any loan. The mail does not have a loan date or information/proof. I highly upset to received this in the mail. They need to be reported. Isn’t it a legal timeline for any matters like this. This a scam and unprofessional.” There’s a patter here if you don’t see it. Ace Cash Express, is exhibiting a lot of signs that they are just a big scam. I’ve heard of companies outsourcing certain services to keep the cost down, but it sounds like else entirely. Something really fishy.

Here’s some positive feedback I was able to gather while reviewing Ace Cash Express. “I just want everybody know I have been cashing my check, paying bills, getting money orders, etc for 8 or 9 years now from the one on Lapalco in Gretna, Louisiana. I have never had a problem with them. They are very fast at what they do and very friendly. I would recommend them to anybody that needs to cash checks, pay bills etc.” So I am not really sure what to tell you. I think that the negative outweighs the positive greatly. And a lot of the negative is consistent. If it were all over the place and didn’t make sense, then I would dismiss it as personal opinion. But they are all from people who didn’t even ask for their services. That would probably explain why they have 150 complaints on their Better Business Bureau page along with no letter rating whatsoever.

Ace Cash Express Review : Consclusion

Can we recommend that you use the services of Ace Cash Express? I would certainly like to. They seem like they have a lot to offer. Especially because they have been around since the 60’s. From going through all of the consumer testimonials, I don’t think I can recommend that you use their services. They just seem like a big scan to me. A big scam that has been going on for a long time. If they are not a scam, and some foreign group is operating under their name, then they have got a big problem. Even if that’s the case, I still don’t recommend you go with them. In this review of Ace Cash Express,  the CFRB gives this payday loan company 2 stars. Check our resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for other  Financial Planning reviews. its great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there.

PayDay Money Centers Review: 4 Stars

In this review of PayDay Money Centers we take a look at a company that has received some pretty great reviews. To be clear, this is 3 locations under one name. Some found it to be rather confusing because the “S” at the end of name on their logo is a cash symbol. So I thought I’d just clarify. I always like to highlight Payday loan companies that area honest and doing good towards the people of the community. There’s a growing a need for more of these kind of centers. we live in an age where we can offer these kind of services to the public. Which is remarkable, when you think about it. Some might call it the age of Miracles, but I just call it progress. You probably couldn’t have these kind of services back in the days of the old west, when everything was kill or be killed and nothing could actually be recorded in a public record. At least not financial loans. I mean, sure, if you borrowed money from someone, they’ll obviously record to protect themselves, but it won’t go on your public record and tarnish you. Forever keeping you from ever taking out a loan again. I guess it’s a little bit of a double-edged sword, but in a way it sort of has to be in order to function properly.


PayDay Money Centers Review: Introduction

In Reviewing PayDay Money Centers we found that Payday Money Centers has been serving Southern California since 1997, opening its first store in Downey, California.  They offer financial services at prices unmatched by others with the highest level of integrity and privacy. Payday Loan Money Centers focal point is to serve consumers who seek alternatives to conventional banking relations in order to gain expedient and instant access for their financial needs. years in the business have taught them how to provide fast and friendly service and, most of all, the best value for your money. At least that’s what they say. I can’t personally confirm that. I’ve never actually been a customer of theirs. Our. Their goal is to exceed your expectations and pretty much lave you blown away. It looks like their doing too. The Better Business Bureau has them list with and A+ rating. Which is no easy thing to accomplish. I know great companies that have like a C rating on the BBB. So in order for you to get an A+, you have to meet them at every single thing that they require. So I give Payday Money Centers props for achieving that.

In Reviewing Payday Money Centers, I found that they have quite a number of services and loan types that they offer. Pretty Much everything from Personal loans  and Auto Loans to Mega Loans. Which I’m assuming is for large projects of some sort. They can even hook you up with net spend. Which is a service that I have actually never seen a regular pay loan company offer. If you’re wondering what sets this company apart from other payday loan companies, it’s probably that. Netspend is one of the leading providers of re-loadable prepaid debit cards and prepaid debit card services in the United States. NetSpend enables virtually anyone to make purchases, pay bills, secure reservations, and shop online without the need for a bank account or credit history.

For people who do not have credit histories or minimum account balances, this is your answer. Many can benefit from the services NetSpend has to offer from teenagers to senior citizens.  The key to the method is the simplicity and easiness.  Through NetSpend one can avoid confusing fee structures and statements, teens can manage their allowance, and travelers can protect their cash on the go; NetSpend is the Solution.


PayDay Money Centers Review: Web Presence

In Reviewing Payday Money Centers, I found that they have actually quite a strong web presence. Which I found to be rather surprising for a company that has been around as long as they have been. Then again, I guess there amount of time in business, could be one of the things that attribute to their dominance in the online community. The first thing that pops us are links to their website (Which I will get to in moment), Links to positive reviews from places like yelp, links to webpages specifically for their individual locations, and even a map to their three different locations spread out through Southern California. Which looks really great and sort of adds to the trust element every company strives to achieve. I always like to say that first, you have to get people to click on your website, before they can even consider the services you have. The fact that you can not only find their website, but some trust is instilled within you towards them, says a lot about what this company has achieved in the past 18 years. It also says that they have a great SEO manager of some sort.

The Website itself, is a completely different story. I’m going to be honest with you guys; it doesn’t look very pretty. In Reviewing PayDay Money Centers,  I almost wanted to click away and go find something else to review. I know Ultimately it doesn’t matter, but I think that visual stimulation is a big part of attracting a possible consumer. That and making the website user-friendly and informative. Which on those counts there did very well. It’s remarkably simply and the information is right in front of you. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to see a super shiny and clean webpage, simply because they’ve been around for almost 20 years, and that’s probably when they made the site. The internet looked a lot different than. You’re probably wondering why I even care what the site looks like, right? It’s not about creative style point. It says something to me when you see an older company with a great looking site. It says that they are alert and aware of what they need to be successful in this ever advancing world. It means they can adapt. In any industry, it’s adapt of die. Always has, and always will be.


PayDay Money Centers Review: Testimonials

In Reviewing PayDay Money Centers we came across a number of consumer testimonials that we think could be rather useful to you. One Consumer said, “Absolutely thrilled. Ran down this place I went in stressed out and came out relaxed. I walked in to be welcome by Brian and his employees gracefully helped me with a loan that lifted all my stress. The whole payday money loan was a life changer for me and they did it with such dignity….. thank you for that I will return again” Another said, “I couldn’t be more happy with Payday Money Centers. They saved me in a crunch. I got an answer within minutes and recieved the funds the very next day direct deposited into my account. I was able to set up payments electronically. Thank you Payday Money Centers. ” Now keep in mind that these reviews are positive. These positive reviews highlight a couple of things that really stood out to me. The first would be that they made the customer feel comfortable and relaxed. They took care of him. The second would be the fact that they understand that people who come in are usually in a mind, and need cash as soon as possible.

Here’s some negative reviews we found while reviewing PayDay Money Centers, for the sake of contrast. One consumer said,”I couldn’t believe that I got turned down by these guys because they said I already had other payday loans out. If that were true, I wouldn’t need to get a loan in the first place! How can I fix something that doesn’t exist?” Another said, “I thought they were okay. Not impressed and not put off by this company. I don’t know if a payday loan company is really capable of making me excited to go back. They are just a neccessary evil in those times of dire need. If you must get a payday loan, these guys are a safe no hastle solution.” The First negative one was written by a person who didn’t even know they had taken out another loan. How do you not know that you have taken out another loan? That simply makes no sense. Unless you were struck with amnesia or something. The second one wasn’t really even all that negative. The consumer just wasn’t all that excited about company. which is understandable. PayDay Money Centers is great, but probably not a lot of people’s first choice.


PayDay Money Centers Review: Basic Information

Here’s a list of the basic Questions and answers we came across while reviewing Payday Money Centers. that will hopefully prove helpful in your quest. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the fluff that a lot of companies put out there for consumers to lure them in. It can be hard to get answers from the company. Sometimes they don’t want you to know things until you have the pen in hand and you’re ready to sing your contract. Which is remarkably deceptive, and good people are taken advantage of every day. I’m not say PayDay Money Centers is doing that, I’m simply making a point.

How Do Payday Money Centers Work?

Payday Money Centers offers small loans to people with bad or no credit. Borrowers can download the loan application online and fill it in at home, but they must visit a Payday Money Center to collect their money. Eligible applicants can pick up their money immediately.

What Are The Interest Rates at Payday Money Centers?

As with most payday loans, the cost is calculated as a one-time fee. For instance, a $50 loan has a $8.80 fee, while a $255 loan has a $45 fee. This is the equivalent of 214% or a 460% APR, depending on whether you choose a term of 30 days or 14 days.

How Are Payday Money Centers Better Than Other Lenders?

Payday Money Centers has over 18 years of experience offering fast loans to people with bad or no credit. The rates are high but competitive when compared to the fees charged by other payday lenders. It has 19 locations throughout California, so Californians are likely to live close to one of their stores.

How Much Money Can I Borrow From Payday Money Centers?

Under California law, the maximum a consumer can borrow in a payday loan is $300. This includes the loan fee, which is a maximum of 15% the loan amount. Payday Money Centers charges the maximum 15% on loans, therefore it can only provide loans of up to $255.

What Is the Application Process Like at Payday Money Centers?

Applicants must complete a short form requesting their name, address, employment, income and attach a recent bank statement, proof of income and proof of residence. The form can be downloaded online but it must be filed in person at a Payday Money Center location.


PayDay Money Centers Review: Conclusion

After Reviewing PayDay Money Centers, I can honestly say that I would probably recommend them. They seem like an honest company that really is trying to maintain some validity to the PayDay loan industry. Which is no easy task when most of the payday loan companies out there are just scams trying to take advantage of good people in touch situations. so go check them out and do some research of your own. they may be great, but you have to decide if they are the right fit for you or not. If there are, then great! If they aren’t, that’s okay too. In this PayDay Money Centers Review, the CFRB gives this Real Estate Company a 3 star rating. Check Our Resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for other  Life Insurance reviews. its great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there.