Freeman Webb, Inc. Review

Freeman Webb, Inc. Review

Freeman Webb, Inc. Review

In this Freeman Webb, Inc. Review, I want to talk about a Real Estate company located in the Nashville, TN. Freeman Webb, Inc. specializes in acquiring, managing, and renovating residential and commercial properties. The Portfolio that Freeman Webb, Inc. has included over 11 million square feet of commercial and residential property. Freeman Webb, Inc. opened their doors in 1979. Since then they have grown to become a full-service real estate firm with hundreds of associates.

Freeman Webb, Inc. is recognized as an Accredited Management Organization (AMO) by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM, BOMA). They also hold an A+ rating with the BBB along with an official accreditation. Not too shabby, if you ask me.


Freeman Webb, Inc. Review: Services Provided

In writing this Freeman Webb, Inc. Review, we found that Freeman Webb, Inc. has a wide variety of services to meet your needs, but they are not spread too thin. They really have taken the time to specialize in their services and build up credibility in their region. Here’s some basic info about the services they offer.

Property Management:

In this Freeman Webb, Inc. Review, we found that Freeman Webb, Inc. manages 15,000 residential units and commercial properties that come out to about 1,000,000 square feet.

They are experts in their field. With that many residential units under their belt, you must be nothing short of the best. Freeman Webb, Inc. truly cares about the quality of your residence. They don’t just want to find you a place to live. They want to find you a home. A place where you’ll feel safe at night. A place where you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime.

Freeman Webb, Inc. can also help you out with your commercial Real Estate needs. Freeman Webb, Inc. specializes in both Office and Retail investment properties.


Freeman Webb, Inc. is a leading expert when it comes to investments. It doesn’t matter if you need help renovating 200 units or managing your portfolio, Freeman Webb, Inc. can get the job done with incredible returns that will speak for themselves.

I highly recommend using Freeman Webb, Inc. if you are an investor looking to get some diversification into the real estate market. If you are a property owner, Freeman Webb, Inc. wants you to get the best help you can possibly get. They encourage property owners to shop around and look at the reputations of others. In doing so, they guarantee you’ll see why so many people are going over to Freeman Webb, Inc. Whether you are looking for residential real estate, commercial real estate, or to invest. Freeman Webb, Inc. is like a one stop shop for it all.


Freeman Webb, Inc. Review: Track Record

One of the reasons I decided to write this Freeman Webb, Inc. Review is because of their track record. In doing my research there is a healthy amount of feedback from consumers online. Most of the feedback was positive, and some negative. Though the negative feedback was addressed by the company. That’s a huge plus if you ask me. It shows that a company has some integrity. It says that they still believe that having an open honest discussion leads to growth and a greater way of doing business. They have been in Business for 38 years, and they have really maintained the quality in which they operate.


Freeman Webb, Inc. Review: Consumer Testimonial

Here are some of the testimonials we found online while writing this Freeman Webb, Inc. Review. The first one is positive:

“My son had to leave his apartment before his lease ended to attend a different college. I was told we would have to pay through the end of his lease. Imagine my surprise when I received a check in the mail reimbursing me for 3 weeks’ worth of rent because they could rent the apartment early. They could have kept that money – we would have never known! Very fair and honest company.”

The second review is negative, and I included this review specifically because the company responded. I’ll include that as well. Here it is.

The Consumer:

“Unfortunately, this company is extremely unprofessional. While I was away from my apartment on business travel, the toilet malfunctioned and flooded my apartment. They charged me for cleaning up the flood although this was clearly no fault of my own. They kept my deposit and refused to speak with me in a professional and reasonable manner about the charges. I would never allow this property management company to take care of my property.

Freeman Webb, Inc.:

“Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback, RaShelle. I was disappointed to learn that you feel you were treated unprofessionally by any member of our team. That was not our intention, and I apologize for that. We take great pride in our professionalism, and the relationships we foster with our residents are our top priority. Unfortunately, we do have to charge for damages exceeding normal wear and tear. If you have questions on any charges or feel there is an error, please call or email me at your earliest convenience.” 

I just want to point out that Freeman Webb, Inc. took responsibility. Instead of denying the accusations, and hurling some of their own. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen companies retaliate after someone leaves negative feedback. It’s so embarrassing that some companies will get down in the trenches and duke it out with the customers. That doesn’t help the situation at all.


Freeman Webb, Inc. Review: Conclusion

In my opinion, I think this company is fantastic. If you live in the Nashville area and are looking for someone to help you with your real estate needs, I highly recommend you give them a call.

In this Freeman Webb, Inc. Review, we are giving Freeman Webb, Inc. Review 5 Stars. Let us know in the comment sections below what your thoughts are, or if you have any questions. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies.






Beachfront Realty, Inc. Review: 3 Stars

Beachfront Realty, Inc. Review


In this Beachfront Realty, Inc. Review, we are going to be talking about one of the most popular real estate companies located in the Miami area. Ed Roberts founded Beachfront Realty, Inc. In 1995. After 20 years, Beachfront Realty, Inc. continues to be one of the fastest growing, most successful, real estate companies in South Florida. Beachfront had over 3,100 closings in 2015 for a total sales volume of approximately $1.2 Billion Dollars.


Beachfront Realty, Inc. Review: Services

In this Beachfront Realty, Inc. Review, I want to talk about their services. When it comes to the services offered by Beachfront Realty, Inc. it’s straight forward. They can assist you in purchasing or selling your residential property. Nothing out of the ordinary for a real estate company. It can be hard to find any kind of variety with Real Estate Companies. With any company that is financially related, it can be hard to make your stake in the industry. All you can really judge them by is their track record and testimonials from consumers.


Beachfront Realty, Inc. Review: Web Presence

One of the things that I judge a company’s legitimacy by is their web presence. Red Flags immediately go up when you type company’s name into google and absolutely nothing comes up. Fortunately, that is not the case in this Beachfront Realty, Inc. Review. When you type their name in on google, you get multiple links to credible sites including The Better Business Bureau and Yelp. Which is a good sign indeed. Plus, there website is easy to navigate and offers all the information you need to make the right decision for your future. That’s another red flag to watch out for. When a company’s site is cluttered with unnecessary information. Or if the website is just a PDF document. I have run into that personally a few times. Here’s a lesson for you. Nobody will take you seriously if your website was made on Microsoft Word.


Beachfront Realty, Inc. Review: Consumer Testimonial

Despite the A+ rating they have on the Better Business Bureau, I found nothing but negative testimonials. Here’s a couple:

“This company is not to be trusted. They gave me a Contract to Lease stating my one year lease would be renewable ONE YEAR, but when I asked for the addendum to the lease mentioning the one year renewal, I couldn’t get it. Finally, minutes after they took me to pay ALL FEES AND DEPOSITS, I was told there would NOT be a renewal addendum signed. Dishonest people.”

“Bad experience. Absolutely unprofessional brokers. It’s one of those companies that will try to screw you in every possible way. Hidden fees all over. Don’t trust a word they say! Having everything in writing is the only way to work with them.”

It really makes you wonder what’s going on there. There seems to be some lack of communication on someone’s part. If the Better Business Bureau knew about those testimonials, I am sure they would change their tune.


Beachfront Realty, Inc. Review: Conclusion

In this Beachfront Realty, Inc. Review, The CFRB gives this Company 3 stars. I am having trouble with some of the inconsistency that I have come across. I trust the Better Business Bureau, but it’s important not to ignore those reviews straight from consumers on other websites. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for reviews of all kind. It’s great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there. Check out the previous post by clicking here.

Regus Management Network Review: 3 Stars

Regus Management Network Review

In this Regus Management Network Review, I’d like to bring to you something a little different today. Most companies that we review are based in a particular state, and they usually never operate outside that state. Sometimes we will have a company that operates nationwide. Out of all the companies we had reviewed, I don’t believe we have ever reviewed a company that is globally active. So Regus Management Network Review should be really exciting.

Whether you’re looking to open an office in Brazil, Russia, Tunisia (virtual or otherwise), Regus Group wants to help you out. The company rents office, spaces and other services including secretarial, telecommunications systems, videoconferencing, and concierge service, to clients who want to go global. It also supports telecommuters working from home or on the road and offers virtual offices with call handling and mail forwarding. In this Regus Management Network Review, we found that the group rents its spaces out for anywhere between one hour to five years. Operating through divisions including Stratis and HQ Global, Regus has approximately 1,000 business centers around the world.


Web Presence & Warning Signs

In this Regus Management Network Review I don’t really feel the need to cover their web presence in this review. Simply because they are a global company that heavily relies on being connected through World Wide Web. So the question of them having a strong web presence or not is kind or irrelevant. Though I will talk about it just a little bit, simply because I found some things that might be noteworthy. The first think I found is that company mostly has received mixed ratings and reviews. Which happens sometimes when you have a company the size of Regus Management Network. So I wasn’t quick to judge them on that note.

The thing that worried me just a tad in this Regus Management Network Review was the fact that they had an F rating on the Better Business Bureau page. On top of that, they had a great deal of complaints from consumers about a number of things. Everything from the Products/Service & delivery issues to their Advertising/ Sales tactics. Even then, I didn’t jump the gun and label them as delinquent. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt in this Regus Management Network Review. Then I saw all of the complaints and the number of complaints that were under the “unresolved” section. There was also a great number of complaints where the company attempted to resolve them, but the consumer felt that the response was not adequate. While one could argue that operating a company that large might prove to have some challenges, but that is simply no excuse for not only dropping the ball, but for failing to pick it back up again.


Consumer Testimonials

Here’s what we found folks are saying in this Regus Management Network Review on both sides of the fence. We were fortunate enough to track down both positive and negative feedback. Sometimes we only get one or the other and it can be really quite a challenge. Let’s start with negative. Here’s one from a person who use to work at Regus Management Network.

“The Management is absolutely horrendous. The job responsibilities change every week, so it’s impossible to actually achieve success. A big part of the work experience consists of unprofessional work relationships. People playing favorites, things like that. The middle and upper management is incredibly rude, and lazy. Not to mention all shady business practices that I have witnessed. Worst employer I have ever had. What a nightmare.”

Another Consumer said in this Regus Management Network Review:

“This business follows nasty tricks to charge you more money. My 3-month agreement ended at the beginning of the year. After that I started renewing month-to-month. The service became way too expensive — $180/mo. for just having them forward a few envelopes (many times only single envelope a month). And so I decided to cancel before they charged me for another month. I call them over the phone, and guess what happened? They told me that I need to give them a 60 day notice to cancel.  That means, whenever you want to cancel, expect to be ripped off about $360 for unwanted service.”


While there are mostly negative testimonials on more notable site, we did find a great of positive feedback on some smaller sites in this Regus Management Network Review.

“Being supplied with everything we need to run our company has been so helpful. The building is always in tip top shape. The walls are always clean and repaired if anything happens to them. This helps keep the building looking brand new. The kitchens are big and everything is clean and always available to us.”

Another consumer wrote in this Regus Management Network Review:

“I’ve looked at several options (eg WeWork, incubators), and decided for Regus. I have a base office with them, but I can work from any of their office in world. No matter where I’ve been, there’s always been a Regus building nearby. The location, quality and number of their facilities is the main reason why I’ve now been with them for over 18 months.”



So what’s the issue with Regus Management Network in this Regus Management Network Review? Should you use them or should try something else? I’d say give them a shot. They are probably the most convenient company out there that offers this sort of service. I know they are not the bell of the ball at the BBB, but there’s a lot of credible sites that are saying otherwise. At the end of the day, when you’re servicing that many customers, you’re bound to have some issue. Most of the issues I read, were very circumstantial. In this review of Regus Management Network, the CFRB gives this company 3 stars simply  Check our resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for other Financial Planning reviews. Its great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there.

Atlantis Properties Review: 4 stars

Atlantis Properties Review: Introduction

In this review of Atlantis Properties, we bring to a real estate company located in Los Gatos, CA. Atlantis Properties specializes in Property Management Services, which includes a number of things like single-family homes, town homes, duplex, apartments, and small commercial properties. they offer personalized service to meet your real estate needs. The company manages properties in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and San Mateo Counties.Their vast experience provides you with current rental market conditions. They maintain memberships in professional associations to keep you educated on legislation in the real estate industry. They pride themselves on knowing the laws that affect everything in the industry.The company is a member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers, the California Apartment Association, the Building Owners and Managers Association and the Santa Clara County Association of REALTORS®. On top of that, they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Holding an impressive A+ rating on their site. They have all that is needed to be considered a healthy company here in California. In this review of Atlantis Properties, we will go over all that you’ll need to know. To help you make the right decision.

Atlantis Properties Review: Services & Web Presence

Like many companies out there that offer similar services, we try to find the reason in which a company would stick out from the rest. Perhaps they’ll have a some sort of specialty that other companies that area don’t. Or maybe they operate in a specific way in their community that has earned the trust of the locals. In reviewing Atlantis Properties, I couldn’t seem to find anything of that nature. Which isn’t a negative thing, It’s just always something I hope for when reviewing a company. I guess you could say the one special thing about the company is their name.

As for their web presence at website user-ability, they certainly know what they are doing. Most People decide whether or not they’re going use a company even before they click on their website. If you type the company name in and all you get sites that have similar names, and you have to search through pages just to find what you’re looking for, you’re less likely to trust the company that you’re interested in. That’s not the case with Atlantis Properties. Their site immediately comes up, and it’s partnered with review pages. Plus the site itself is very user-friendly. Anyone can hop on their and look at what Atlantis Properties has to offer.


Atlantis Properties Review: Positive Feedback

In reviewing Atlantis Properties, We compiled consumer feedback for your benefit. Both Positive and Negative. It’s always interesting what testimonials may reveal about a company. Things that the company may not want people to know. One Consumer wrote, “We rented out a property managed by the Atlantis team a couple of years back. It was easy to reach out to them at times of need (patio door glass shattered on a Friday afternoon, one time and back yard needed extra lights urgently when we realized there was an intruder ). They have been very quick and reasonable both on phone and over email. Being home owners ourselves, we were particular about taking great care of the house all along and got our refund in full, when we moved out recently. ” Another consumer wrote, “Atlantis Properties was referred to me by a coworker back in 2001 to help manage a condo in Fremont. I worked with them for over 13 year until the condo was sold.Over the years they were responsible, alert, and helped get rid of a lot of headache. I would recommend them to anyone needing property management service.” That’s a sign of a good company right there. 13 years of continual service. He probably would have kept using their services if the condo wasn’t sold.

Atlantis Properties Review: Negative Feedback

To counter all of the positive feed back, here is some negative testimonial from past Atlantis Properties customers. One consumer wrote, “Be Careful!!!  Very bad experience with these people.  From the showing, to the deposit, to the final check list.  Everything was just a lie. They only hope nothing goes wrong with the property you’re interested in.  But when things do go wrong, they hide from you.  Don’t return your calls.  This company does not care about you or your property interests.  I highly do not recommend using them!” Another consumer wrote, “It sounds like I might have dodged a huge bullet. I was over in the Santa Cruz area today looking for an apartment.  We had made arrangements to meet for a showing at 5:30 in Aptos, followed by another at 6:00 in Santa Cruz.  I rushed to make it to the apartment in Aptos on time, and waited about 15 minutes before I called to see what was going on.  When they answered the phone, I was told the showing had been canceled. I said it would have been great if someone had called me. I asked if the next showing was also canceled and he said that is why the first one was canceled, because of the second one!!  Duh, I am the second showing!!”


Atlantis Properties Review: Conclusion

Can we recommend that you use Atlantis Properties? I think we certainly can. They have proven to be a trusted company. All of the negative encounters consumers had shouldn’t be ignored, but after really most of the testimonials, it appears that the faulty was mostly with the individual who was representing the company, and not the company itself. We shouldn’t thrown away a bunch of apples because a few of them are rotten.  In this review of Atlantis Properties, the CFRB gives this company 3 stars. Check our resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for other  Financial Planning reviews. its great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there.

Archer Team Homes, Inc. Review: 2 Stars

In this Review of Archer Team Homes, Inc. we bring to you a real estate company that has proven to be a classic example of something we are always talking about. Companies that promise great things and look great on the front, but really aren’t all that they are making themselves out to be.  We says these things not trying to sound biased in any. After all, these kind of tactics are used by almost everyone who was a business of some kind. I don’t care if you’re a real estate agency  or a pastry bakery. You and your business are at the mercy of the consumers. You’re business is like a your child, and you’re going to do everything in your power to keep it going strong. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a line that every company must be aware of. A very fine line between operating honestly, and lying and taking advantage of customers. I’m not saying that Archer Team Homes, Inc. did that, but I do think it is a topic that we will be covering in this review. So hopefully, we can provide some insight for those who may have considered doing business with Archer Team Home, Inc.

Archer Team Homes, Inc. Review: Introduction

Archer Team Homes, Inc. is located in the city of Fresno in the state of California. The company doors opened to the public in 2003. Dennis and Donna Archer have been real estate agents for over 30 years and have been engaged in Property Management of single family homes and multi-units for over 12 years. It is their priority to remove the daily stress of managing your own property from you. In Reviewing Archer Team Homes, Inc., I found that this company has a great emphasis on property management. Which is good to see. It’s always a good sign to see a company in a field to that can tend to be rather broad, that has some sort of focus. An area in which they specialize in and would give them an advantage over other companies. A lot of the time you’ll see companies who make the mistake of saying they can do everything. Most of the time they can, but you won’t always get the level of service that you would receive if you went to a person or place that had a focus on a particular area. Those “everything” companies are kind of like Costco in a sense. They’ve got everything, even though each item might not be the best yo can possible attain.

What Exactly sets Archer Team Homes, Inc. apart from other, more notable competitors? Other than the notable focus on property management, not a whole lot. In Reviewing Archer Team Homes, Inc. we found that they offer the mostly the same service that most companies in this industry do. So Why even bother talk about a company that is no different from any other company on the outside? This company has heart, which I appreciate. Dennis and Donna Archer and the poster children for their real estate company. Regardless of reviews, ratings, etc. Seeing the seemingly happy couples faces is heart warming and ensues a sense of trust and relate-ability. To the average consumer, seeing that is probably greater than any review you could read. It’s says, “You can trust us.” to a possible first time home buyer who is nervous about dealing with real estate companies. It says,” We understand.” to the veteran home buyer who has dealt with difficult people in the past. If there’s anything that gives them an advantage of the competition, it’s that.

Archer Team Homes, Inc. Review: Web Presence

In reviewing Archer Team Homes, Inc. we found that regardless of all the heart and spunk they might have, they’re not doing to well when it comes to online credibility. Which is probably the most important thing. The second you hit enter on google, you’re hit with their 2 star rating on yelp along with a list of 1 star reviews. Having that as the first thing that people associate with your company is not good. Especially when the reviews are long paragraphs filled with detail. Granted, they only have about 7 reviews or so on Yelp, but all seven are negative. There is one thing that sort of counter balances the negativity. They have an A- rating on the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Which is quite the accomplishment. Yet, even that doesn’t necessarily prove their credibility. They have customer complaints list on their BBB page. Some of which, the Better Business Bureau has said they have never responded to. I always try to cut a company some slack when they at least respond to a complaint and make an attempt to resolve it. No company is perfect after all. They are all run by humans. It’s when they recognizer that and actually take responsibility for their imperfection that counts.

As far their website goes, Archer Team Homes, Inc. has an average run of the mill page. Which isn’t a bad thing. I actually quite appreciate the simplicity. It holds all the information you need. From phone number and addresses, to listings they have in the Fresno Area. Realistically you don’t need much more than that. It’s frustrating to see companies that have these really extravagant sites with like a thousand pages (not literally), with way too much information. You don’t want to confuse consumers and overwhelm them. I’ve experienced that before. You just get flooded with fancy graphics, and too many options. That kind of feeling just makes you want to leave. So, overall I’d say the website is very user-friendly, and will certainly point you in thew right direction if you’re considering doing business with Archer Team Homes, Inc. Another thing I will point out about the Archer Team Home, Inc. website is the fact that they have a section for community and school reports. It’s a great tool to figure out how close your home is to some very important local establishments.

Archer Team Homes, Inc. Review: Testimonials

. Here’s what people are saying about Archer Team Home, Inc. Keep in mind, the feedback we found while reviewing Archer Team Homes, Inc. is mostly negative. One Consumer said, “I wanted to rent a property from Archer Team Homes and when I went into the office to have a few questions answered after no one returned my calls, the lady at the front desk was very rude and short with her responses. I assumed the calls not being returned within 48 hours could have had some reasoning behind it but when I went to the actual office and was only greeted with an unpleasant employee, it was a deal breaker for me.  I have 6 years of PERFECT rental history never a late payment and I was ready to rent a property from them…But nope! They could not even return a phone call or hire knowledgeable and kind employees.” Tough break for this consumer. It sort of makes you wonder what kind of require they have in place for renting a property. If a person with 6 years of perfect rental history can’t get a place, then who can? Another consumer said, “We applied for a rental, paid the fee, and waited. And waited. After repeated calls, we were finally approved, but they started hemming and hawing about our dogs, at one point, asking point-blank if we’d be willing to get rid of them. Now, less than three weeks before we have to be out of our current place (while we’re traveling for the holidays), they inform us that the homeowner has changed his mind about renting the place. No calls or anything. Just Terrible!” They literally made people part ways with their beloved pets. then in the end, it was all for nothing. Talk about screwing people over.

Another Consumer Said, “Property owners beware!  Suspicious and frequent accounting/billing errors, an unethically slanted property management agreement, poor communication, and overall mismanagement…mostly from the owner…makes this business a hazard for all property owners.  Also, buyer beware…as the business is for sale.” The next testimonial is more of a mixed review, rather than completely negative.

One Consumer said, “I have had a mixed experience with this company. I have rented with them for around four years now. As a tenant, the main concern is how well they handle repair requests. As a general rule they respond quickly, and get the job done. I have had three problems that didn’t go so smooth. if you have simple problem that the repairman can handle, you get pretty fast service. But for anything more complicated, there seems to be no communication between the person who takes the report and the repairman, which might save a lot of time and trouble, and if the problem is over the repairman’s head, good luck getting any follow-up.” It’s starting to sound like this company really is not on top of things. There’s a number of different issues that were highlighted in various testimonials we found while reviewing Archer Home Teams, Inc., but they all sort of had an underlying tone. That is that the company is rude, inattentive, and just doesn’t do very good work. WE tried to find a positive consumer experience, but couldn’t find anything.  That’s probably the biggest red flag ever. Also, another red flag would be the fact that they have been around for over 10 years and they hardly have any testimonials besides the negative one we have come across in reviewing Archer Team Homes, Inc.  Personally, I’d probably reconsider if I were some considering doing business with Archer Team Homes, Inc. After hearing about the experiences those folks had, I can’t guarantee 100% satisfaction. Then again, you could always be the first of to have a positive experience at Archer Team Home, Inc.


Archer Team Homes, Inc. Review: Tips & Recommendation


I suppose the question now is whether or not we can honestly recommend Archer Team Homes, Inc. Considering all that we have found in reviewing Archer Team Homes, Inc., while some things looked promising, Others were just too significant to ignore. I would probably have to say no to the recommendation. You can find another company that offers the same exact services, with actual positive reviews and credibility that you can trust. Judging by what we found online while reviewing Archer Team Homes, Inc., they’ve got a lot of work to if they want to keep their doors open.

Like I said before, this is just what we have to say about Archer Team Homes, Inc. There’s always the possibility that you might have an incredible experience. If you decide to do business with them, I certainly that is what you get. So take what we are saying with a grain of salt, and hopefully you’ll make a decision that benefits you in the long run. You always have to consider too, that maybe their way of doing things just didn’t work for some people. That doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.


Archer Team Homes, Inc. Review: Conclusion

I hope this review of Archer Team Homes, Inc. help shed some light on a company that has potential to do well, but hasn’t necessarily done everything in its power to create a trusted name. The turn around point for anything can happen anytime. The second a company wants to do better, they can. It’s not hard to create positivity. Which sort of makes me scratch my head when considering the path that Archer Team Homes, Inc. has taken. Hopefully, they’ll shake off the laziness that their customers has complained about and kick things into gear. If they don’t, I don’t see them operating for much longer. In this Archer Team Homes, Inc. Review, the CFRB gives this Real Estate Company a 2 star rating. Check Our Resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for other  Life Insurance reviews. its great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there.

5 Star Devine Property Management Review

Devine Property Management Review

In This Devine Property Management Review, we take a look at a look at a real estate company, located in Rancho Cucamonga, that take pride in not being the sort of “one size fits all” cookie cutter property management company. In This Devine Property Management Review we found that they claim to have an out of the box method when it comes to conducting business.  Whether you’re selling your property or renting it out,  Devine Property Management says that they are your leverage to better results. One of the things I love about this Review of Devine Property Management was finding that they aren’t nationwide.  Devine Property Management is not even statewide. In this Review of Devine Property Management we also found that they exclusively serve the Southern California area. Meaning there’s a greater focus on the local customers, and they’re not all spread out trying to make everyone happy. Plus, it means they have a great knowledge of the surrounding areas. Which is always a plus!

1st Key Factor Devine Property Management Review: Web Presence

One of the first things we found in this Devine Property Management Review is there BBB Accreditation Along with that is there yelp page with great reviews and customer ratings. You’ll also find a They’re address listed, a map of where they’re located, and their logo a few times here and there.  In this Review of Devine Property Management we talk about how Devine Property Management has accomplished something great. Something that a lot of companies in the finance world struggle with. Devine Property Management has created some form of uniqueness. you’ll find more than often, when you look for a company online, you’ll get multiple pages to company websites with names that are almost identical to the one you were searching for. It can be the most frustrating thing.  Devine Property Management has certainly got it down.  Devine Property Management is literally all over the front page. We took a look that their website as well. In Reviewing Devine Property Management, we were definitely delighted to find a very a site that is very easy to navigate.  Devine Property Management has created a headache free site with all the information you need in a very interactive way. Which is exactly what you need in today’s age.

2nd Devine Property Management Review: Testimonial

In This Review of Devine Property Management we found no shortage of positive testimonials. They were all over the place. We tried to find some negative experiences that consumers might have had with Devine Property Management to bring some perspective to this ever so sunny review. In Reviewing Devine Property Management we found one, but it has been resolved. So I really don’t see the point in even talking about it. Here’s what one consumer had to say about their experience with Devine Property Management. “I was a first time buyer, and I was sort of nervous about the prospect of buying a home. A friend recommended Devine Property Management.  Devine Property Management gave me exceptional service. They really took care of me a made sure I wasn’t getting into something that I couldn’t handle. The Whole team at  Devine Property Management super nice and professional.” I notice what a lot of people are really appreciating about in this Review of Devine Property Management is the company’s sensibility. They understand that buying or selling a home is no small deal, and they approach each client with that mindset.

 5 Star Devine Property Management Review: Conclusion

Between all that we found in this Devine Property Management Review. The consumer testimonials we’ve read, the great web presence, and the BBB Accreditation, we definitely recommend in this Review of Devine Property Management that you give them a try if you live in the southern California Area and are looking to either buy, sell, or rent out a property. In this Devine Property Management Review the CFRB gives this Real Estate Company a 5 star rating. Check Our Resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies.