In This Da Vinci Financial Review, we take a look at an Insurance Company that isn’t necessarily a golden child, but really isn’t one we are advising you stay away from. This company kind of falls into a bit of middle ground, due to mostly mixed reviews and consumer testimonies. So let’s get into it. Da Vinci Financial is a company that specializes in a plethora of services. Including Life Insurance, Portfolio Management, and Estate and Retirement Planning. They even offer financial advice for those who just have a million questions. Their rating on the Better Business Bureau is a C, with only a few complaints. So what’s the big deal? Why does this company stand out?

Well, it’s the nature of the complaints that makes us raise an eyebrow. People aren’t complaining about the service or their experiences. They are complaining about how much the company bothers them after everything is all said and done. One Consumer stated, “They constantly called to offer their services, after I already used them. It’s not even one phone number either. I get calls from multiple numbers. When we finally get a real person over the phone, they hang up when I ask to get taken off the call list. It’s a never ending thing.” It doesn’t necessarily sound like a major issue, but it’s something that you might encounter if you decided to do business with Da Vinci Financial. So other than a few kinks that Da Vinci Financial might have to work out, they seem like a pretty fair place to do business.

In this Review of Da Vinci Financial, The CFRB Gives this Insurance Company a 3 star rating, for being a fair company that still has some edges to smooth out. Check Our Resources page for a list of trusted companies like Signature One Capital, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies like Signature One Capital.


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