Financial Counseling Center Review: Introduction

In this review of Financial Counseling Center, we bring to a debt consolidation company located in Los Angeles, CA. Unlike most of the debt consolidation companies we have reviewed, Financial Counseling Center offers a fairly wide range of services. It isn’t all just about consolidating your personal debt. They’re focus is more on helping you improve overall financial life. Which is quite admirable and refreshing to come across. They have over 25 years of experience and have been BBB accredited for over 10 years. If you know anything about accreditation from the BBB, then you know that’s quite impressive. To hold that for over 10 years is no easy task. It means that Financial Counseling Center has held up its standard year after year. An effort that is truly commendable.

Other than Debt Consolidation, Financial Counseling Center is prepared ready to assist in all of the following.  Foreclosure/Mortgage Assistance, Student Loans, Tax Issues, Small Business Advisers, and Bankruptcy Assistance. Like I said before, their focus is not just on getting you debt free. Their focus is on creating financial stability in your life. With the services they offer  and the track record they have, they are definitely suited to do just that.


Financial Counseling Center Review: Web Presence

In Reviewing Financial Counseling Center, we found that they’re not hard to find! Especially in the online world. You won’t have to sift through pages of nonsense just to find a tether that might lead to their website. That’s probably the most frustrating thing I’ve dealt with doing research on a company. They have good ratings and supposedly everyone loves them, but you can’t find any trace of them online. That’s certainly not the case with Financial Counseling Center. No, they pop right up with everything you need to know about the company. Even before you click the website, there’s a sense of honesty and transparency associated with just putting it all out there. It also helps to see the pages of positive feedback from Yelp and other sites. Seeing that is very encouraging when considering a company to do business with. I believe that they even took the reviews from yelp and posted them on their websites. There’s an entire section dedicated to what people are saying about them.

As for the Website itself, it certainly serves it’s purpose and it looks good too. It has all the information you could possibly need if you were considering doing business with Financial Counseling Center. At the same time, it doesn’t bog you down with way too much info. Sometimes companies will put everything online. Making it just way too overwhelming to even deal with. Also, doing that hurts the company. The purpose of the website is to inform and connect the company with the consumer. If you put everything you know on your website, there’s no need for you at all. You kind of nudge yourself out. For the consumer, I guess that’s good, because they won’t have to pay for your services.

Financial Counseling Center Review: Consumer Testimonials

In Reviewing Financial Counseling Center, we gather a great many consumer testimonials. Here’s what some people had to say about working with Financial Counseling Center. One person said, “My wife and I sought financial counseling during our move to Los Angeles. We’ve so far been very pleased with their services, Their candor and their willingness to be open and honest with their clients. Although we are still in the middle of our engagement, I do not doubt we’ll continue to enjoy it.” Another consumer said, “Financial Counseling Center is a lifesaver!  I was fortunate to be introduced to Financial Counseling Center in May 2013 and felt comfortable immediately. I was facing what seemed like hopeless financial challenges and was very impressed with their calm and confident approach to my insurmountable situation. I am so grateful to the whole team for expediting my case with expert care and within unbelievably prompt timeline. These are extraordinary professionals! Earlier today, I spoke with one of the reps who graciously offered preliminary advice and recommendation about working together again to problem-solve. I highly recommend you do the same.” Another person said, “The Financial Counseling Center is a professional & easy-going company. Financial Counseling Center is very knowledgeable & helps put your mind at ease. They will answer all of your concerns while making the process very seamless.  I will continue to tell my friends & family about Financial Counseling Center!”

It’s always great to hear people sing the praises of company that deserves it. It’s always interesting to see how people compliment a company. Usually you can pick out things in reviews that will give you a hint of what the company is all about. I tried to get a testimonial that wasn’t positive. Just to mix things up and offer perspective, but I couldn’t seem to find anything. I scoured the web and could only find 5 star reviews. It’s definitely a first in my book.


Financial Counseling Center Review: Conclusion

Can we recommend Financial Counseling Center? Can we say that they meet the standards that we hold here at the Consumer Finance Review Board? We most certainly can say that. Judging from what we have uncovered and from what everyone is saying about then, we can definitely say that Financial Counseling Center is a place you can trust. In fact, I’ll go as far as saying they are like gem in a sea of dirt. Meaning, unlike a lot of companies out there, they aren’t just looking at you to suck you dry. They are a company that has the people’s best interest at heart, and they have the knowledge and credibility to back it up.

In this review of Financial Counseling Center,  the CFRB gives this debt consolidation company 4 stars. Check our resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for other  Financial Planning reviews. its great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there.