In this Review of First American Advisors, a Life Insurance Company located here in California, we take a look at a fairly reputable company with good ratings and mostly positive consumer testimonials. Why then, should we do a review on a company that already has good ratings? Well, It never hurts to take a look at a company that has already been looked over. Sometimes people will are careless and miss things. Sometimes people form biased opinions. Sometimes rival companies will go out of their way to destroy their competition. You can’t really blame them. It is just business after all. In Reviewing First American Advisors,  we actually saw very little of that animosity. Which was a great change. Usually we see a lot of really great companies thrashing other companies. some are not even discreet about it. They’re doing it on the blog page of their company website. Unfortunately, though the consumers are always the one to fall victim to these quarrels. That’s why we are here. The CFRB is a place for non-biased third-party reviews. We don’t profit off of anything. Our goal is to make sure that you, the consumer, are informed and empowered to make the decisions you need to make.


First American Advisors Review: Introduction

First American Advisors, located is Irvine, CA  is a life Insurance Company that prides itself on a number of things. One being understanding that purchasing any kind of annuity is a huge step in a person’s life. They know it can be daunting, but they’re willing and able to walk you through it and make sure you make the right decision. In Reviewing First American Advisors,  we found that their missions is the be the premier provider of protection, investment, and income solutions needed for financial and retirement security. They are also committed to finding more innovative ways of helping to protect you and your family. Which when you think about it, is kind of cool. How often do you hear of companies that invest into furthering their industry? Most of the time, the core focus is profit. Which is how it should be. So it’s cool to see a company that is running the extra mile. In Reviewing First American Advisors, I found the thing they are targeting most, is what really matters to people. They are talking about peace of mind, and greater security for loved ones. those are the things that people want to hear.

So what sets First American Advisors apart? We talked about all of the promises and nice words, but at some point in every deal you’re going to have to talk facts. Why should anyone even consider doing business with First American Advisors. In Reviewing First American Advisors, we found the facts. Which were not very hard to find. First and foremost, First American Advisors has a whopping 23 years of experience in the insurance industry. So you can definitely consider them to be experts in their field. They also serve 58 different counties. Meaning they have quite the reach, and chances are you can take advantage of their services even if you’re not down the street from them. Another thing We found While Reviewing First American Advisors was the number of satisfied customers they have. There’s a total of 782 happy clients listed on their site. Which, considering the size of their company, is pretty impressive. Also, they are affiliated with over 400 Insurance providers. That number backs up the commitment they have to help people find the right program for them. That is certainly a great deal of options for anyone.


First American Advisors Review: Web Presence

In Reviewing First American Advisors, we found that they have a strong web presence. A strong web presence brings validity to all the promises you make on your website or in you sales pitches. People today, will always take your company more seriously when you have a strong web presence. That’s just the way it works now and day. The second you type in the company name, you get reassurance after reassurance. You even get to see some photos of the company, which is always a plus. Putting a face to the company name creates a sense of trust. Along with that is a phone number and address, just in case you’re excitement is through the roof and you can’t wait to start your process with them. You also get to see the many accreditations First American Advisors has received. Their A rating on the Better Business Bureau even comes up. being probably one the most notable accreditation a company can receive, it doesn’t hurt to have it right next to your company name. It’s all about creating trust between you and the consumer even before they walk through your door or give you a call.

Remember all that information we gathered? Well guess what? All of that information was right on the front page of their website. A great website is key in today’s world. It acts as an ambassador for your and your company. It’s so incredibly important that you have a website that is user-friendly, and informative. I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve been drawn to a product or service, go to their website, and just get super frustrated. It’s always because there’s not enough information or the site itself is just really hard to use. You have to consider that people of all ages are going to be on your site. If they are excited about your product or service and then encounter a road block like a bad website, it puts a damper on they excitement and discourages them from working with you. The site that First American Advisor has is probably pretty close to perfect. There are a couple of feature that are glitchy, but that is sort of to be expected when you have a lot of graphics and things moving. Other than that, the site tells you what the company is all about, delivers key information, and visually stimulates you.


First American Advisors Review: Consumer Testimonial

In Reviewing First American Advisors, we came across quit a few consumer testimonials. Here’s a few of the good things people had to say a our First American Advisors. One Consumer said, “I’ve been retired for many years now and uncertain about my financial future. Meeting the team was a gift from heaven for which I am so grateful. They took the mystery out of the annuity and made the way clear for the best investment particularly for my situation. He took the time to explain what I needed to know to make the best decision …and he made the process effortless. I feel secure in the decisions made for my future and for my family thanks to David’s guidance. Thanks so much!” Another Consumer stated, “I was in their office recently waiting for a meeting and just happened to be there when another husband and wife arrived for their own appointment. WOW – talk about happy customers! I got an unexpected opportunity to hear from a long-term client how much they liked the service and knowledge they had received from working with David at First American. ”

Most of the Reviews we came across in Reviewing First American Advisors were very similar to these two. They all raved about the staff, and the great wealth of knowledge that the people at First American Advisors had. In terms of negative feedback from Consumers, We really didn’t find anything. The Only thing that might throw up a red flag towards this company would be the fact that all of the reviews have been written within the past year. Looking at the their yelp page, there’s no reviews to be found. They don’t even have a star rating of any kind. Which tells me that the 23 years of experience is probably an accumulated amount between the core members of the company. Which isn’t bad or deceptive in any way. Every company does this when they are still getting started. Remember, it’s all about creating trust and getting people to open up. If companies didn’t operate this way, they’d go out of business in an instant. What sounds better? “We are a brand new company. We have no clients. Trust us.” Or We are a company with over two decades of experience behind it, and we are committed to helping you out.” The latter, of course. You have to sell them on you and your company first before you can sell them anything else.


First American Advisors Review: Pro & Cons

Here’s some facts and reasons we compiled that might help you decide whether or not to choose First American Advisors.


  • 23 Years of Experience:

Regardless of the amount of time the company has been around, 23 years of accumulated experience is still quite a bit, and means that they truly do have a wealth of knowledge that can be beneficial to you.

  • Large Reach:

First American Advisors isn’t tied to just serving one state. As we mentioned earlier, they serve over 50 different counties. This means they have to be licensed in the states that they operate in. Meaning they must have an understanding of the laws that they must abide by in each particular state. This wealth of knowledge could prove useful.

  • They have accomplished a lot:

For having not been in business very long, they have a long list of customers who are very satisfied. They have created a happy client base of over 700 people. This is probably a result of that accumulated 23 years of experience. The company may be young, but you’re dealing with people who have been doing this for years.



It’s sort of double-edged sword with First American Advisors. As it is with a lot of companies that are still fairly new but are showing great promise. Their qualities have attributes that could potentially be harmful to consumers.

  • A lot of customer, but not a lot of reviews:

For the amount of happy customer this company has, we could only uncover about 15 testimonials. that means that only 2% of their clientele wrote them reviews. Which isn’t bad, considering they are still fairly new, it just makes me question the validity of some of their reviews. They could have asked family or friends to write the reviews. it also makes me wonder what they consider a happy customer to be.

Other than the clientele to testimonial ratio, we really couldn’t seem to find anything fishy in reviewing First American Advisor. They appear to be a stand up company that surely means well. It doesn’t mean that you won’t be the first to write a negative review. It just means that for now, until we hear more, First American Advisors seems trust worthy.

First American Advisors Review: Conclusion

Do We recommend First American Advisors?

It is kind of hard to tell at this point. I think they have a lot of great things to offer a person shopping for life insurance. From what I’ve read, the staff is great and will definitely take care of you, but I think it’s still a little too early to tell whether or not they are worthy of a recommendation. I’d definitely suggest that you check them out though, and see if what they have to offer is something you can benefit from. Taking care of you and your family’s security is probably one of the most important things in this life. So taking a look and maybe even giving them a call or sitting down with one of their representatives won’t hurt a bit.


In this First American Advisors Review, the CFRB gives this Real Estate Company a 3 star rating. Check Our Resourcespage for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for other  Life Insurance reviews. its great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there.