In this First American Home Realty Inc. Review, we take a look at another dependable finance company. First American Home Realty Inc. is a real estate company located in Orange County, CA. They have been involved with the buying and selling of homes in Orange County and adjacent areas for over 15 years. Since the beginning, they have been an important part of the local community and hopefully they will continue to serve all of the area’s real estate needs for years to come. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and accreditation from the RCRB, GRI, CRS, and the EBC, First American Home Reality Inc. has proven to be a company that consumers can trust.

With countless positive reviews discovered online, it’s nothing but praise that we are hearing for this California native real estate group. Throughout our investigation, we found a little golden nugget that we always watch out for, but don’t always seem to find. It’s not something that we rely heavily on when making our decision, but it’s always nice to see. What we look for is positive experiences had by both the consumer and former employees. I believe the last time we saw this was when we investigated Signature One Capital. It’s always a nice thing to know that the agent you’re working with is being treated properly, because then in turn they will give the consumer the best experience they can give. One Consumer told us about how gracious FAHR was with them. It was only their second time finding a new home, so they were still fairly new to all the real estate bumbo jumbo. FAHR answered every single one of their questions and checked in periodically after it was all said and done. Which was fantastic! Sounds to me like a company that genuinely cares for their consumers. No wonder they’ve been in business for 15 years.

In this First American Home Realty Inc. Review, The CFRB Gives this real estate company a 5 star rating for over 15 years of excellent service. Check Our Resources page for a list of companies like Signature One Capital that have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies like Signature One Capital.


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