GoWize Review

In this GoWize Review I want to talk about a debt consolidation company that has received a couple of things from the Better Business Bureau. Things that’s we thought you should know about just in case you are considering doing business with GoWize. The First thing I want to mention in this GoWize Review is the C+ rating they received, which is not the greatest, but not the worst either. The other thing I found while writing this GoWize Review is that they have received is an actual BBB Alert. Warning consumers to stay away from this company. I haven’t seen many companies that have actually received a warning. I have seen plenty of companies with A+ ratings, and plenty of companies with F- Ratings. Though I am not entirely sure how you can achieve an F- rating. There are also some comments from consumers I found while writing this GoWize Review that have me a little bit concerned, but I will get into that later. Let’s jump into it.

In this GoWize Review we found that they have been a part of the financial industry since 1993. Their team of “experts” has helped thousands of customers modify their mortgages and negotiate debt relief. With years of experience and knowledge of the evolving debt industry, we found while writing this GoWize Review that they are uniquely qualified to take advantage of their clients. Their approach enables us to choose the best options for our clients to fix the specific financial problems they have right now, putting each person on a path to financial security and peace of mind. Among mortgage and debt relief solutions, we found while writing this GoWize Review that they also offer Bi Weekly Mortgage Accelerating, Auto Loan Modifications, and Tax Resolution.


Warning Signs

In this GoWize Review we discovered that this company first came to the attention of the Cleveland BBB.  At that time a Nebraska consumer received a mailing from GoWize offering credit card debt reduction services.  We also found in this GoWize Review that since that time consumers in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Virginia have reported receiving similar mailers. At least one of those includes the additional name of “GoWize”.  The Better Business Bureau has been unable to confirm any Ohio corporate filings for either company name.  In addition, mail sent to the address listed on the mailing has not been returned.


Consumer Testimonials

It was actually quite difficult tracking down any testimonials for this GoWize Review. There’s a lot of cloak and dagger when it comes to GoWize. The testimonials I did find for this GoWize Review were about their advertising and sales tactics.

One Consumer Wrote in this GoWize Review, GoWize is sending nothing but junk mail solicitations to a resident who does not even live at my house. This is a fraudulent Debt Relief scam company. GoWize buys lists from outdated info somewhere, then they send official looking documents in an attempt to scam the recipient.”

Another Consumer Wrote GoWize Review, “Received a mailing from GoWize at 9800 Rockslide rd. Cleveland Oh. Saying that I currently held a balance of $36,214, and that we’ll negotiate the terms late. The flier they sent even had a case number. There is only one issue, and it’s a fairly large issue. I do not owe anyone any cash close to that amount. I think their dollars data is fabricated somehow. I am pretty sure GoWize is using fear tactics. Trying to get innocent people to call, so they could take advantage of them and take all their money.”

It honestly sounds like in this GoWize Review that GoWize is a scam company. If you have been reading our reviews for some time now, you’ll know that we don’t like throwing that word around, because it’s so incredibly accusatory. So the fact that we are saying in this GoWize Review, says a lot. A fair share of companies that I have seen that with that attached to them are not actually scams. Sometimes there’s just a great deal of misunderstandings and misrepresentation of information. On top of that, a great deal of emotion can get involved when writing a review. Especially when you did not get the service you were hoping for.

In this case, when you have an incredibly credible site like The Better Business Bureau saying to that they are a scam, then there is something up. They are not swayed by personal opinion, like a regular person is. I wouldn’t call them even a review site. They are sort of a halfway point.  A mediator between consumers & the businesses.



So can we recommend that you use the services of GoWize in this GoWize Review? No we cannot. In fact, we recommend that you run the other way. This company is most certainly a scam. Everything points in that direction, so we are going to assume that in this GoWize Review, until proven otherwise. It’s always so important that you look into a company before you use their services. I’ve heard far too many horror stories about people who just jump right into the thick of everything without thinking it through. So make sure to be careful. If you get an offer from a company being run by a Nigerian Prince, Then Run!

In this GoWize Review the CFRB gives this companystars. Check our Resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for other Financial Planning reviews. Its great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there.