In this review of the HRS & Associates LLC Review, we want to talk about a fairly young debt settlement/management company, and how they managed to get the lowest rating possible on the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has hundreds companies listed. Many of which, come with warnings informing consumers if certain companies are no longer operating. Due to the fact that there’s a substantial amount of businesses listed, some don’t always have ratings or comments. All you see is a blank page. Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case with HRS & Associates LLC.

Not only did the Better Business Bureau go out of there way to award them with an F (The lowest rating possible), We also found numerous comments and complaints that we found to be rather alarming. The biggest area of complaint (In which more than half of the complaints gravitated towards) is in regards to the companies billing and collection system. According to numerous sources, consumers have been given the run around when it came down to paying the bill. HRS & Associates collected financial information from one consumer in particular, and did not comply when they were asked to send a copy of the billing arrangement via email. When this consumer attempted to make contact with the company, all they succeeded in finding was empty assurances from customer services representatives. According to the consumers testimonial, they still has not received the confirmation email containing her billing arrangement, and is now greatly concerned.

This is a major read flag for a debt settlement/management company. Regardless of how long the company has been a round, there’s no excuse for dropping the ball with consumers money & personal information. In an industry where credibility is capital, HRS & Associates LLC has really dropped the ball.  In this Review of HRS & Associates LLC, we issue a “warning” based on our findings and testimonials from numerous sources.

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