Makras Real Estate Review: Introduction

In this review of Makras Real Estate we take a look at a company that is a little north of Orange County. Makras Real Estate is a company that provides Real Estate Services in San Francisco and the Bay Area. The Principal of Makras Real Estate is Victor G. Makras, who is a licensed Real Estate Broker. Mr. Makras has been active in the real estate field since 1976 and was elected President of the San Francisco Association of Realtors in 1989, an organization of over 4,000 members. They have achieved a BBB accreditation and a A+ rating for their services they have provided throughout the years. In Reviewing Markas Real Estate, I came across a code of ethics that they strive to abide by. I found this to be rather interesting. Though, I’m sure most companies have a code of ethics they abide by, Markas Real Estate is the first company I’ve come across who actually posts it on their website site. it allows the consumer to understand what they can expect from the company. It’s like every client is giving their own personal measuring stick.

In terms of the services that they offer, It’s all pretty much the same as you’d find anywhere else. What gives a company the upper hand in this industry is not the services offered, but particular location expertise. From the looks of it, Markas Real Estate knows the area well. Well, I certainly hope they would know the area well. They’ve been there since 1976.


Markas Real Estate Review: Web Presence

In reviewing Makras Real Estate we are reminded that having a strong Web presence is incredibly important in today’s world. Especially if a company is planning on succeeding. One big slip up I see all the time is not having a strong web presence. This mistake is mostly common with older company. Companies that built their foundation way back when. When the internet wasn’t even around and business consisted of nothing but papers, pens, and handshakes. When the internet came around and started to become essential to the world of business, a lot of companies didn’t jump on the band wagon. Not jumping on, hurt them greatly. Then there were the companies that did jump on, bur had no actual intention of utilizing this new and amazing tool. So they put of a webpage or too, just so they can say they did something. I’m not going to go as far as saying that the website Markas Real Estate built falls into that category, but it definitely could use some work. It’s incredibly simple and sort of difficult to navigate. Which means it turns people off from doing business with them. It’s definitely not something suitable for today’s consumers.

On top of that, the first few links associated with company are page filled with negative reviews. Which makes things a little confusing. They are BBB Accredited. How can a company with an A+ rating on the BBB have so much negative feedback. Has the Better Business Bureau lowered it standards? I think not.


Markas Real Estate Review: Consumer Testimonial

Here are some testimonials we found while reviewing Makras Real Estate. “The worst building management company I’ve ever had the misfortune of knowing. I signed a lease with three housemates, and Shiela Hagen looked us straight in the eyes and lied to us about the terms. Now, a year after I’ve moved out, they still refuse to take my name off the lease and put the new tenant on. Also, they claim there is a loophole that makes our building not covered by SF annual rental increase laws. They raised our rent every year by 2-3 times the city’s maximum amount. They are unresponsive to  building maintenance issues.
If I’d known what dirt bags they would turn out to be, I would have kept looking until I found another apartment. My advice to anyone considering signing a lease with Makras: Don’t do it.” Another consumer said. “Act like a grown-up with respect and treat people how you would like to be treated. We learned that in kindergarten. Best believe the word spreads fast. No one needs or deserves your attitude. Maybe consider a different career. This one is making you an ugly, nasty person. Glad I read these reviews and chose to not take an apartment with this crooked company. Fellow San Franciscans, Pay attention. Speak up and don’t take this sh!t no more! We pay too much to deal with turds like these people.” After reading these two testimonials, I’ve come to the conclusion that Makras Real Estate is being run by monkeys. No not really, but it certainly sounds like it. What happens to that code ethics that they are supposed to uphold. I guess they dropped it along the way.

Though, we must be fair to Makras Real Estate. Not all of the reviews were negative. Here’s a positive one. “I’m pretty sure others who gave bad review to Makras Real Estate have their reasons, but to me, everything always went fine. We had some minor issues with the unit (a broken store, broken window, small stuff) and they always responded and fixed the issues quickly. Replacing the broken window took a little more time than expected due to their regular window company, so they pay us a pizza as an apology. So 5 stars because Pizza!” Even the person who had a positive experience acknowledges that there were issues.


Makras Real Estate Review: Conclusion

So can we recommend you do business with Makras Real Estate? Well, we can definitely say that they do have quite a bit of experience, and a good rating with the BBB. At the same time the majority of people online are saying to run the other direction. So it’s definitely a gamble. Whether that gamble is worth taking or not, we say no. There’s a ton of other companies out there that are far more trustworthy that offer the same services.

In this review of Makras Real Estate  the CFRB gives this Real Estate Company 2 stars. Check our resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for other  Financial Planning reviews. its great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there.