In This Red Carpet Heritage Realty Review, we showcase a real estate company whose name we’ve definitely have heard floating around the water cooler a couple of times. In This Red Carpet Heritage Realty Review, we will take a company that people have been speaking fairly highly of and weigh it out. It’s always refreshing to hear of company doing right by their consumers, but the fact remains that no company has ever reached true perfection. Simply because companies are run by people, and people generally tend to be incredibly flawed. Even with the greatest of companies, there’s always the chance that they have some sort of dirt or hidden under belly of evil. In Reviewing any company, our goal is break it, judge the company on its own merits, and determine whether or not they are worthy of CFRB recommendation. In this Red Carpet Heritage Reality Review, we will do no different. Regardless of all the praise we’ve heard, they too, must go through the grueling fire that is the CFRB review process. We are definitely keeping our fingers crossed. Red Carpet Heritage Reality would be a great addition to our list of Certified companies that we can recommend.

Red Carpet Heritage Reality Review: Introduction

About Red Carpet Heritage Realty

In Reviewing Red Carpet Heritage Realty we found that the staff had an accumulated 41 years of experience in the real estate industry, Red Carpet Heritage Reality has really established itself as a very successful, well-rounded real estate office that specializes in a number of things. They are located in Downey, CA, but operate in all of the surrounding areas.  They have a very strong sales team  have a that is completely dedicated to the betterment of their customers. In Reviewing Red Carpet Realty Heritage Group we also found that Red Carpet Heritage Reality has received a number of award and certifications. Including one from the notable Better Business Bureau. Which speaks volumes to us. A BBB accreditation is not easy to obtain and maintain. Just a little reminder of how hard it is, a company has to maintain certain standards in order to keep their accreditation. It’s not just a one time win. the BBB is constantly reviewing companies they have accredited to make sure that they are up to par for the benefit of the consumer. So the fact that Red Carpet Heritage Reality has maintained an A+ is pretty incredible. That alone says a lot about the company and the kind of people who are running the company.

What Sets Red Carpet Heritage Realty Apart?

In Reviewing Red Carpet Heritage Realty I found A couple of things that I really appreciated. The First would have to be the willingness to serve that Red Carpet Heritage Realty has. They are very big on serving the consumers and making sure that the consumers needs are met. To some the word “Serve” can be taken in a negative way. Which is a very understandable concern. Every company says they want to serve you, and all that means is they want your money. They lure you in with a friendly smile and guarantee, and they stick you with a representative that hates life, and just see’s you as annoying customer that is keeping him from going home. Red Carpet Heritage Realty is not a huge company. They are still fairly small. They are a group of experienced individuals who you see you as someone important, and someone who they genuinely want to help.

Another thing I found while Reviewing Red Carpet Heritage Realty would have to be their areas of expertise. What I’m specifically referring to would be their focus on helping people over the age of 65. It shows that they understand that everyone that comes through their doors or gives them a call is different, and they need to be attended to differently. The process that a first time home buyer goes through is different from senior citizen who has purchased a home or maybe even multiple homes. That’s how it should be. A lot of companies try to fit everyone into the same filter, and it just doesn’t work.

Red Carpet Heritage Realty Review: Web Presence

While Reviewing Red Carpet Heritage Realty, we found that Red Carpet Heritage Realty has a fairly strong web presence. You’ll have no trouble at all finding them on the front page of google. Due to the fairly distinctive name of the company, there will be no confusion when doing research of your own. Which is a big plus. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve mistaken one company for another because the names were so similar. I’ve found that people who are generally really good at running a business are not necessarily the most visually creative people. When it comes to making a sale and creating a great customer experience, they’re great. Yet when it comes to naming a company, designing a logo, and making it look approachable, they usually falter. Red Carpet Heritage Realty seems to understand the need for both.

There’s two things that I always look for in a website, especially one geared towards providing some sort of service to consumer. The first would be is if the website is visually engaging. If you can make someone interested in what you’re selling just by engaging them in the overall design on your website, they’re more likely to trust you and give you their business. It’s not a guarantee, but it certainly help. At least, it does for me. If you can take any boring old topic and get someone interested, you’re doing something right.

The second thing look for in a site, is how user-friendly it is. This and visually engaging websites go hand in hand. You can have slide shows and cool crazy graphics, but if nobody can figure out how to actually work the website, they’re just going to leave.

In Reviewing Red Carpet Heritage Realty, I’d say they are certainly doing well on both fronts. Their website is also very informative. There, you can find the counties they operate in, listings, testimonials from consumers, and list of all the staff members. I really appreciate the fact that they let us see the faces of the people running the company. It makes it for relate-able in a sense. They include a bio, phone number, and an email address. So you can get in contact with any agent you want.


Red Carpet Heritage Realty Review: Testimonials

Here’s a positive testimony we found while Reviewing Red Carpet Heritage Realty. One person wrote, “Just a note to say how wonderful your office has been to us in the sale of our home. Your integrity, enthusiasm, availability, resourcefulness and professionalism are incomparable. We would recommend you as the BEST to our relatives and closest friends.” Another wrote, “This was my first time working with a Realtor. I had heard horror stories but now know it depends on the real estate agent/office. There is a beautiful aura surrounding your agents and office that makes me feel my business is not a job but being helped as part of your family. I would definitely call upon you in the future and refer you to my colleagues, friends and family.” According to these testimonies, Red Carpet Heritage Realty is following through with their missions statements. I really like the second testimonial. It’s a great example of what good business should be. Red Carpet Heritage Realty made that person feel so welcomed and safe, she felt like she was hanging out with family.

In Reviewing Red Carpet Heritage Realty, we couldn’t seem to find anything negative about Red Carpet Heritage Realty. The only thing we found was positive feedback and happy customers. Which is probably a good thing, I’ve just never come across a company that has no negative feedback whatsoever. I mean, even if the company is the greatest company in the world, you’re bound to find some negativity, even if it’s just some crazy person who doesn’t know anything. Something smells sort of fishy to me, but I can’t put my finger on it, because there’s nothing there. There’s always the chance that this real estate company is simply the first of its kind and I’m just a skeptic. Though, I find it hard to believe that.


Red Carpet Heritage Realty Review: Pro & Cons


  • Great Customer Care

Since the company is fairly small still, you’re bound to get more immediate attention and greater customer care. Which goes a long way for almost everyone. You can definitely be sure that they will be walking with you every step of the way. To Them, you’re not just a customer, you’re someone they want to help.

  • Specialization of Various People Groups

Red Carpet  Heritage Realty specializes in handling pretty much any type of person. So no matter who you are, you will be take care of.

  • Wide Range of Listings

Red Carpet Heritage Realty has a wide range of listings to accommodate a wide range of customers. This speaks volumes to people. Many companies only focus on certain listings in specific price ranges. They have listings from as low as $300,00 to around $1,000,000. Red Carpet Realty has an average listing price of around $700,000.

  • Specializes in the Local Real Estate Industry

Red Carpet Heritage Realty has a great handle on the area in which they operate in. They know it well, which is a tool that comes in handy when helping someone pick out a home. They have a focus which competitors from other areas can’t compete with.

  • Knowledgeable Staff

The Staff members are incredibly knowledgeable about pretty much anything real estate.They certainly aren’t amateurs. There’s an accumulated 41 years of experience between them. So you can take comfort in the fact your with people who have been around the block a few times.


  • The lack of Range in which they actually run their business

Unless you’re in the Downy Area, or somewhere nearby, you most likely won’t be doing business with Red Carpet Heritage Realty. For a company that prides itself on being success and well-rounded, they sure don’t like to venture outside their territory.

  • Lack of Online Credibility 

I found the lack of balance between positive and negative feedback to be a little suspicious. I found pages and pages of positive feedback, but not even a shred of negative feedback. Not even complaints that had been addressed to. I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt, but come on. No company is that perfect. It looks like to me that they might have forced a few hand to get any negative comments or feedback taken down. Which is actually something that companies do quite often.

Red Carpet Heritage Realty Review: Conclusion


In this Review of Red Carpet Heritage Realty, I am not really sure If I can give a solid recommendation to anyone looking to buy a home in the Downey area. I like a lot of the things that Red Carpet Heritage Realty has to offer. They seem like an incredibly down to earth company run by honest individual genuinely looking to help. From the countless positive testimonials I’ve read online, They are a dream to work with. If it weren’t for the lack of online credibility, I’d give them a definite thumbs up and probably instruct you to definitely give them a call and see how they can help you out with your real estate needs, but I simply can’t do that. I’d say do some research of your own, and if you like what you see then give them a try. I’m not saying they are scam artists or dishonest. All I’m saying is that something smells a little fishy. I genuinely hope that I’m wrong and that my suspicions end up being complete nonsense.

n this Red Carpet Heritage Realty Review, the CFRB gives this Real Estate Company a 3 star rating. Check Our Resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for other Payday loan reviews. its great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there.