Regus Management Network Review

In this Regus Management Network Review, I’d like to bring to you something a little different today. Most companies that we review are based in a particular state, and they usually never operate outside that state. Sometimes we will have a company that operates nationwide. Out of all the companies we had reviewed, I don’t believe we have ever reviewed a company that is globally active. So Regus Management Network Review should be really exciting.

Whether you’re looking to open an office in Brazil, Russia, Tunisia (virtual or otherwise), Regus Group wants to help you out. The company rents office, spaces and other services including secretarial, telecommunications systems, videoconferencing, and concierge service, to clients who want to go global. It also supports telecommuters working from home or on the road and offers virtual offices with call handling and mail forwarding. In this Regus Management Network Review, we found that the group rents its spaces out for anywhere between one hour to five years. Operating through divisions including Stratis and HQ Global, Regus has approximately 1,000 business centers around the world.


Web Presence & Warning Signs

In this Regus Management Network Review I don’t really feel the need to cover their web presence in this review. Simply because they are a global company that heavily relies on being connected through World Wide Web. So the question of them having a strong web presence or not is kind or irrelevant. Though I will talk about it just a little bit, simply because I found some things that might be noteworthy. The first think I found is that company mostly has received mixed ratings and reviews. Which happens sometimes when you have a company the size of Regus Management Network. So I wasn’t quick to judge them on that note.

The thing that worried me just a tad in this Regus Management Network Review was the fact that they had an F rating on the Better Business Bureau page. On top of that, they had a great deal of complaints from consumers about a number of things. Everything from the Products/Service & delivery issues to their Advertising/ Sales tactics. Even then, I didn’t jump the gun and label them as delinquent. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt in this Regus Management Network Review. Then I saw all of the complaints and the number of complaints that were under the “unresolved” section. There was also a great number of complaints where the company attempted to resolve them, but the consumer felt that the response was not adequate. While one could argue that operating a company that large might prove to have some challenges, but that is simply no excuse for not only dropping the ball, but for failing to pick it back up again.


Consumer Testimonials

Here’s what we found folks are saying in this Regus Management Network Review on both sides of the fence. We were fortunate enough to track down both positive and negative feedback. Sometimes we only get one or the other and it can be really quite a challenge. Let’s start with negative. Here’s one from a person who use to work at Regus Management Network.

“The Management is absolutely horrendous. The job responsibilities change every week, so it’s impossible to actually achieve success. A big part of the work experience consists of unprofessional work relationships. People playing favorites, things like that. The middle and upper management is incredibly rude, and lazy. Not to mention all shady business practices that I have witnessed. Worst employer I have ever had. What a nightmare.”

Another Consumer said in this Regus Management Network Review:

“This business follows nasty tricks to charge you more money. My 3-month agreement ended at the beginning of the year. After that I started renewing month-to-month. The service became way too expensive — $180/mo. for just having them forward a few envelopes (many times only single envelope a month). And so I decided to cancel before they charged me for another month. I call them over the phone, and guess what happened? They told me that I need to give them a 60 day notice to cancel.  That means, whenever you want to cancel, expect to be ripped off about $360 for unwanted service.”


While there are mostly negative testimonials on more notable site, we did find a great of positive feedback on some smaller sites in this Regus Management Network Review.

“Being supplied with everything we need to run our company has been so helpful. The building is always in tip top shape. The walls are always clean and repaired if anything happens to them. This helps keep the building looking brand new. The kitchens are big and everything is clean and always available to us.”

Another consumer wrote in this Regus Management Network Review:

“I’ve looked at several options (eg WeWork, incubators), and decided for Regus. I have a base office with them, but I can work from any of their office in world. No matter where I’ve been, there’s always been a Regus building nearby. The location, quality and number of their facilities is the main reason why I’ve now been with them for over 18 months.”



So what’s the issue with Regus Management Network in this Regus Management Network Review? Should you use them or should try something else? I’d say give them a shot. They are probably the most convenient company out there that offers this sort of service. I know they are not the bell of the ball at the BBB, but there’s a lot of credible sites that are saying otherwise. At the end of the day, when you’re servicing that many customers, you’re bound to have some issue. Most of the issues I read, were very circumstantial. In this review of Regus Management Network, the CFRB gives this company 3 stars simply  Check our resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for other Financial Planning reviews. Its great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there.