Reliable Life Insurance Co. Review

In this Reliable Life Insurance Co. Review, we are bringing you a company that actually has an F from the Better Business Bureau. If you have been reading this site for some time now, you’ll that we don’t come across a lot of companies that have an F rating for the BBB. When we do come across such a rare thing, we don’t hesitate to talk about it. Why? Well, because it’s important that you are aware that this company is out there. Same thing when we find a company that has a warning attached to it. It’s the responsible thing to do to bring these companies and shed some light on them so you don’t fall into the traps that they might be setting for unknowing consumers.

We discovered in writing this Reliable Life Insurance Co. Review, that “Reliable” Life Insurance Company is a Canadian federally licensed life insurance company, with their head office in Hamilton, Ontario. We found while constructing this Reliable Life Insurance Co. Review, they deal exclusively in the private-label market, both in Canada and in the U.S. They administer and/or underwrite 13 private labelled programs, and they never directly compete against our partners. Why? Their mission is to be the premier provider of insurance products and services in our selected markets, where their value proposition allows them to effectively leverage our organization’s strengths. Let’s see how they hold up in this Reliable Life Insurance Co. Review.


Reliable Life Insurance Co. Review: Services & Products

 In this Reliable Life Insurance Co. Review we found that Reliable Life Insurance Co. deals primarily in three different types of coverage. The first type is Child Accident. Families are left unprotected when their children without child health insurance. Pennies a day can provide financial protection.

The second type we found in this Reliable Life Insurance Co. Review is Travel. Reliable Life underwrites short-term and long-term travel insurance products which are distributed directly through travel agencies and brokers. These products are marketed under various private brand labels to meet the specific needs of the travelling clientele of the particular distribution network. Reliable Life takes pride in its ability to develop custom travel insurance products for various distribution networks recognizing the need to be flexible in order to meet the ever changing needs of the traveling public.

The third type we found in this Reliable Life Insurance Co. Review is Accident & Health. Reliable Life’s Accident and Health products have been very successfully marketed by qualified General Agents and Brokers for over 35 years. Our products have been tailor made to meet the specific needs of our clientele from Homemaker to Self-Employed Contractors and encompass both Accident and Sickness coverage for all ages. The Products include Time Loss (Disability Income) insurance, In-Hospital Money Plan, Extended Health Plans and Personal Accident Coverage.


Reliable Life Insurance Co. Review: Warning Signs

In putting together this Reliable Life Insurance Co. Review, we found that this company really knows how to put on a show. While their website points to credibility, everything else I found online about them points in the opposite direction. One of the most notable things would the F rating in the Better Business Bureau. There are numerous complaints about their billing methods, and their products and services. It would appear that their efforts are not enough to keep these red flags from flying.


Reliable Life Insurance Co. Review: Consumer Testimonials

Here’s what some folks are saying about Reliable Life Insurance Co. One consumer wrote in this Reliable Life Insurance Co. Review:

“I lost someone very close to me in March. They had lost their papers and I had to resend them. They told me I needed to fill out additional form. So they sent me a letter but didn’t include the form that I was suppose to fill out. Every time I call to talk to someone they give you different information. I feel like they are stalling to keep from paying the claim. After three months of waiting,I finally heard from them. They told me that they had to get a police report. I have two more policies with them. Those policies are eighteen years old.”

Another Consumer Wrote in this Reliable Life Insurance Co. Review:

“I changed banks back in November of 2013. I called my local office since it’s where I originally opened my policy. I was instructed to contact the corporate office. It took two weeks to receive the form. I returned the forms the same day. I thought they would notify me if something was wrong. I noticed the payment was not taken out from my account. After a number of attempts of mailing the local office, I finally got corporate to update it. My 18 year old son was killed March 21, 2014. My local office sent the original policy info proving both sons were covered as “child term rider”. After multiple attempts of mailing claim forms, death certificate, police reports, and more they denied stating policy lapse. That’s bs considering they mishandled my mail, didn’t notate my account proving I was following up, and paid the policy up. Currently posting this to every public site and seeking legal representation”


Reliable Life Insurance Co. Review: Conclusion

In this Reliable Life Insurance Co. Review, I would like to recommend that you stay away from Reliable Life Insurance Co., simply because they are anything but reliable. Check our Resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for reviews of all kind. Its great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there. Check out the previous post by clicking here.