In This Speedy Cash review, we take a look at a payday loan that apparently isn’t out to rob you of all your finances. That’s right, folks. An actual honest payday loan company. Something we were starting to think we’d never actually find. So many reports of terrible company were surfacing all the time; we were starting to lose a little hope. Then all of a sudden, we here about Speedy Cash. Speedy Cash is one of the largest, fastest growing providers of short-term loans and financial services in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Their reach already sets them apart from competitors! Their licensed, direct lending products and heightened Customer Service focus are at the core of it all. They opened their first store in 1997. It is located in Riverside, CA. So now that we know a little bit of history, let’s see what consumers are saying.

One Consumer stated, “I give Speedy Cash a 10! They are a very professional company. Service representatives will help you as much as possible, with a great attitude. Speedy Cash will work with you in whatever situation you have. I highly recommend speedy cash to family and friends. You have a well-run company.” Another Consumer said, “I think that you are doing a great job. It is a much needed service and the interest rate is very low for what you offer. Customer service is very helpful and the websites are easy to use and straightforward. Thanks very much for your support in the community.” Wait…a payday loans company that offers fair interest rates? Unheard of! It’s so incredibly refreshing to finally come across a payday loan company that you can actually trust. It’s brings a sense of security that consumers aren’t use to.

In this review of Speedy Cash, The CFRB Gives this payday loan company a 4 star rating. Check Our Resources page for a list of trusted companies like Signature One Capital, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies like Signature One Capital.


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