In this Student Loan Relief Group Review , we want to share with you quite the comeback story. One that proves that it pays off to make the consumer the number one priority. Student Loan Relief Group, located in Santa Ana, CA, is a debt settlement/management company that offers a number of different services. Their core focus is centered on federal student loan consolidation, public service loan forgiveness, and student loan forgiveness. In recent years, many complaints surfaced from numerous sources about many aspects of the company. Including their advertising and sales tactics, delivery system, and overall service that was provided. For a while it was looking fairly grim for Student Loan Relief Group. Until recently that is.

The other day, we came across the Student Loan Relief Group page on The Better Business Bureau website. Not on page 122 where all the non-operational businesses are, but on page 1! In a bright blue banner letting everyone know that it was the BBB’s accredited business of the day.  We proceeded to investigate how such a thing came to be, and what we found was quite astonishing. Student Loan Relief Group responded and resolved every single consumer complaint on The Better Business Bureau’s Forum. This is no simple task. There were some major issues listed there. Instead of letting their ship sink, they really looked at what their consumers were saying, and made some major improvements in order to survive. Which in itself is a huge statement. It says they that their not afraid to tackle their issues head on to create a better business and experience for the consumer. Along the accreditation, the BBB awarded Student Loan Relief Group an A- for their excellence.  We at the Consumer Finance Review Board applaud Student Loan Relief Group for making a tremendous turn around and give this Student Loan Relief Group Review 4 stars

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