Sun Cities Financial Group Review: Introduction

In this review of Sun Cities Financial Group, we bring to you a company that is all bout your well-being and your future. Sun Cities Financial Group is a conservative company dedicated to assisting customers in the purchase of insured savings in Sun City, AZ in addition to insured and guaranteed deposit instruments. Their firm takes great pride in providing their customers with unparalleled service and peace of mind. They are committed to providing unbiased financial advice for guaranteed and insured savings in Sun City through investing. Their services are always tailored to your unique needs. They also locate the highest FDIC Insured yields on Certificates of Deposit issued by banks in the U.S.A., allowing you to earn more interest. For more than 15 years, Sun Cities Financial Group has provided thousands of individuals and families with high yields from insured and guaranteed deposits not available in traditional banks and brokerage houses. They work with more than 6000 Federally Insured Banks, all of which are covered by the maximum FDIC insurance protection. Sun Cities Financial Group only employs dedicated and honest professionals who consider their clients’ best interest above anything else.

Sun Cities Financial Group Review: Services & Accreditation

So what kind of services does Sun Cities Financial Group offer, and are they any different from any other company that offers the same services? Well, the answer is no. The only real thing that sets them apart or gives them an edge is the amount of people who use them and call them trustworthy. Even if you may be on the fence about how you feel about them, you have to admit that they have a pretty impressive track record. They have literally helped thousands of people in the 15 years that they have been in business. That’s an achievement that any company would be proud of. As for the stamp of approval, they seem to have surely gotten it from the Better Business Bureau. That doesn’t mean that companies that don’t have that stamp aren’t trustworthy. I know a ton of companies that do great work that just haven’t received any recognition. Having that stamp also doesn’t mean that those companies are guaranteed to be perfect. I know of a great many companies who once held high rating with the BBB, and over time their rating fell because they couldn’t keep up with the remarkably high standards of the Better Business Bureau. In Reviewing Sun Cities Financial Group, I found that they might be one of those companies that you should expect to fall in its rating. Their page on the Better Business Bureau doesn’t seem to match with any other review site out there. Very credible sites are giving Sun Cities Financial Group a very low rating.

Sun Cities Financial Group Review: Negative Consumer Feedback

In Reviewing Sun Cities Financial Group we came across a great plenty of negative feedback.One Consumer said, “I saw an ad in the newspaper and replied at the office to invest some money. I was told the man to see was Blaine. I tried to set up an appointment numerous times. First I was told they were two weeks out, as they had scheduled appointments for the following week,and had the week after. I was willing to wait and an appointment was scheduled for three weeks out. The day of my appointment i was called and told another excuse of an accident, forty-five minutes before my scheduled time, and someone would call and reschedule. I have had no response since, and it has been two weeks. I have called time and time again and Blake ignores my calls. they must be to busy for me. Blake must be making so much money he doesn’t have time for a six figure annuity. One phone call to another company and they were happy to see me that day.” That’s kind of strange behavior from a company that has an A+ rating on the BBB. No company has so much business that they just ignore potential customers. I don’t think that’s the case though. I think the consumer just dealt with some incompetent representative.

Sun Cities Financial Group Review: Positive Feedback

In Reviewing Sun Cities Financial Group Review, we also look for positive feedback. Coincidentally, the only positive feedback we could find was on the Sun Cities Financial Group website. One Consumer wrote, ” I was skeptical at first, I had never worked with a CD broker before. After meeting with (my representative) I felt much more comfortable. I opened my first account over a year ago and am happy I made the decision to work with Sun Cities.” I think this consumer dealt with the Sun Cities Financial Group on mars, because it sounds nothing like the last consumer’s experience. Another Consumer Wrote, “I feel that the customer service received from Sun Cities Financial group was great in answering all of my questions and attending to my deposit/investment needs. I would refer their company to anyone seeking a reasonable return on their money without any risk to their principal.” Again, the contrast between the testimonials is just crazy. I simply do not understand it.


Sun Cities Financial Group Review: Conclusion

For now, I’m going to hold any judgment towards Sun Cities Financial Group, because I trust the Better Business Bureau. Perhaps they just haven’t reviewed them in a while. I’m not asking the BBB to strip them of their a letter rating entirely, I’m just saying maybe a letter change might suffice. So, for now I can’t really recommend them to you. I’d say check them out, and if you feel comfortable, then take the gamble. You could end up being one of the people who help shed light on Sun Cities Financial Group. In this review of Sun Cities Financial Group, the CFRB gives this company 3 stars. Check our resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for other  Financial Planning reviews. its great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there.