In this review of SurePath Financial Solutions, we bring to you a debt consolidation company that has caught our eye. SurePath Financial Solutions has been a local, nonprofit financial counseling agency for almost 50 years. Since the 1966, They have helped members of the community deal with and overcome the most trying financial situations. They have always tried their best to be, and will continue to try to be, an organization made up of caring, dedicated individuals willing to go the extra mile for their clients. The services they offer vary from state to state. Providing people with the highest quality counseling services continues to be their main priority. SurePath is a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. The NFCC seal signifies high standards for agency accreditation, counselor certification, and policies that ensure free or low-cost confidential services. Learn more about our accreditation and standards of excellence. I wanted to talk about this company, because they are sort the poster child for financial success in the business world. They’re what every company should be aspiring to become. They’ve accomplished a few key things that I believe have really solidified them as a credible company. A company that they should be very proud of.


SurePath Financial Solutions Review: The Distinction

In this review of SurePath Financial Solutions, we would like to talk about something. It can be a remarkably trying task to try to sift through every single company out there that appears to offer the same services. They all look the same, have similar names, and all make the same promises. How do know that company you’re considering doesn’t have an ulterior motive? You might say, “Oh well look at all the wonderful things people have said about them.” Or “The prices they offer just can’t be beat.” That may be so, and yes plenty of people have said some nice things about them, but how can you be sure? Is there a defining factor that comes into play when considering a company and the future of your financial security? There most certainly is. It’s more of a question you have to ask rather than a factor. That question is, “How long has this company been around, and how is their track record?”

There are new companies being started every single day. Companies that are being spear-headed by the youth of tomorrow. Youngsters with their degrees, and hearts full of ambition. They have it all planned out. They know what they want to do, and they are going to do it. What separate these guys who have the understanding required to be successful and the ones who have been around for decades? Experience is what separates them. Not business experience, but experience with people. I’ll always choose a company that has been around since the 60’s over a company that just started yesterday. It doesn’t matter if the company is a fresh of breath air, the old company that knows what they are doing. If they are still around that means they do their jobs well. SurePath Financial Solutions is an example of that. They are company that has stood the test of time. They’ve taken their wit, candor, and life experience and have brought it into the 21st century. That takes guts, and intelligence. So many companies died out simply because they could not compete with the new contenders.


SurePath Financial Solutions Review: Consumer Testimonials

In reviewing SurePath Financial Solutions, I came across some consumer testimonials. All of which, support my thesis. Here’s what consumers have to say about Surepath Financial Solutions. One Consumer wrote, “I really appreciate your emails with tips and bits of encouragement. I enjoyed your strategies, newsletter and more on-line information. Knowing that you see the dedication it takes to make our monthly payments, even during those months that we have unexpected bills, is very important. Without the help of Surepath, we would not be starting off 2012 with the hope that someday we will be free of this burden. Thanks again for everything.” Another consumer wrote, “The freedom that I have now is amazing. I started dating again, traveling, and living without the fear of how much I needed to pay out each and every day. Thank you for your support and I have all ready started given out my success to friends, relatives, and whoever wants to hear about how I did it.”

There’s something about these particular consumer testimonials that really attest to the nobility of the company. If you notice these  testimonials are more than just suggested feedback that people respond to. These people speak of how they were once in dire straights, and SurePath Financial Solutions pulled them out. Not only did they help them out of a sticky situation, they also improved their state of living. Any company that can go beyond their required function, and make someone’s life better deserves a double thumbs up.


SurePath Financial Solutions Review: Conclusion

Can we recommend SurePathb Financial Solutions? I think we most certainly can! In fact we are proud to recommend a company of this caliber. Regardless, I encourage you to do some research of your own. Formulate your own opinions. Then come back here, and talk about it. Share your experience with us. That’s the great thing about the CFRB. WE are always monitoring the company we reviewed, just to make sure that they are up to par.

In this review of SurePath Financial Solutions, the CFRB gives this company 5 stars. Check our resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for other  Financial Planning reviews. its great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there.