This United Advisors Group LLC Review is more of a warning to our readers than anything. This debt settlement/management company should be avoided like the plague! United Advisors Group LLC is a debt settlement/ management company in Irvine, California that offers a number of debt relief programs to the public. None of which have seemed to produce any positive feedback from consumers. This company has the appearance of a trusted business place, but should be avoided at all costs.

In Our investigation, we found that United Advisors Group LLC has the most consumer complaints that we have ever come across. Usually, when we find complaints they are gravitating towards some aspect of the company. That’s not the case here! We found an alarming amount of consumer complaints about every area of the company. We are not even sure how this company is still in business after getting so much heat.

One consumer stated that they renewed their contract with United Advisors Group LLC last year to work out the details to get them into a program. They have been paying United Advisors Group LLC  $524 each month. Upon filing their taxes this year they realized no interest had been paid. Upon further investigation they found that no payments have been made on their loans since 9/2014. Their calls have not been returned, their emails have not been answered. As of now United Advisor Group LLC has collected over $7,800 of their money. They just keep filing for forbearance (over a year’s worth). So when they really need it, they will not be able to get it. Wow! It sure makes you grateful to have trusted debt settlement/management companies like Signature One Capital when you hear a testimony like that.

In this Review of United Advisors Group LLC, The CFRB Gives this debt settlement/management company a 0 star rating. We would also like to issue a “warning” to our readers. Check Our Resources page for a list of companies like Signature One Capital and Student Loan Relief Group that have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies like Signature One Capital.



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