In this review of United Cash Loans, we take a look at another at a payday loans company. We continue to hear reports of these companies and the turmoil that they leave behind after they lure consumers in with their big smiles and empty promises. It’s really truly terrible how these companies prey on the weak and disadvantaged. The people that require these services are usually people who desperately need it. What do they get in return? An empty wallet, a feeling of regret, and sometimes they’re left in an even worse place than they started. Today, we want to focus on United Cash Loans, and what consumers have to say about them.

One Consumer stated, “I borrowed $200 and agreed to a one time service fee. I started receiving overdraft fees due to money being taken out of my account. I found out that United Cash Loans was had given my account information to other credit companies. They started taking money from my account.” Wow, that’s quite alarming. A company that gives out your information to other companies just for profit. Another Consumer stated, “I borrowed $350 from these con-artists and they told me that I only had to make 4 payments of $105 which was automatically taken out from my bank account. Right after I made my last payment they started taking random funds out $90 here $75 there. Whenever I tried to call them it went to an answering service who told me that they would call back in 24 hours. A few weeks later I got that call and they still owe me over $400!” I honestly don’t know how this place is still in business. Those were just two of the countless testimonies that we came across. This place is definitely will definitely rip you off if you give them your business!

In this review of United Cash Loans, The CFRB Gives this payday loan company a 0 star rating, and would like to issue a “warning”. Check Our Resources page for a list of trusted companies like Signature One Capital, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies like Signature One Capital.


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