This is the first review of Utopia Management Inc. This management company, located in San Diego, CA, offers a number of real estate services to the public, and has been doing so successfully since 1994. Whether you’re looking for a home to buy or a just a place to rent, Utopia Management Inc. can help. They manage a large variety of rental properties all over the county. Including single-family homes, individual condos, apartment communities, office buildings, industrial buildings, and commercial centers. Though, don’t make the mistake of thing they are exclusive to San Diego. Their grasp goes far beyond just San Diego. In fact, they service most of California.

According to the Better Business Bureau website, they are somewhat of a golden child. They have an A+ plus rating, and have been BBB accredited for seven years, which is pretty great! Keep in mind folks, The Better Business Bureau doesn’t just hand out an award once and never review a company ever again. They have certain standards and expectations set in place, and are constantly reviewing companies for your benefit. So for any company to obtain and maintain a BBB Accreditation is pretty impressive.

In our investigation, we did not come across much negativity pertaining to the company. Any consumer complaints that we found, were put to bed long ago. In recent years, the feedback from consumers has been mainly positive. We conducted an interview with one consumer that said it was an absolute pleasure working with Utopia Management Inc. They went on to say that they are extremely professional in their approach and went over and beyond their expectations, Wow! That’s quite the praise. In This review of Utopia Management Inc, the Consumer Finance Review Board would like to award Utopia Management Inc. with a 5  star rating! Check Our Resources page for a list of companies that have received 4 stars or better.


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