Waddell & Reed Inc. Review

In this Waddell & Reed Inc. Review we are talking about company offers financial advisory services to individuals and small businesses. Founded in 1937, Waddell & Reed Inc. is among the most enduring asset management and financial planning firms in the nation, providing proven investment and planning services to individuals and institutional investors. In this Waddell & Reed Inc. Review, we found that Waddell & Reed Inc.  Is located in Lynnwood, WA. While they don’t have an accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, they do hold an A+. Which is the highest letter grade one can receive.


Products & Services

In this Waddell & Reed Inc. Review we found there is an incredible number of products and service that are offered to you, the consumer. The goal for them is to be one of the leading names in financial consultation. They are truly prepared to help you out in any avenue you decide to go down. They deal in anything from Retirement & Financial Planning, Broker & Cash Management, and much more. Pretty much everything you could possibly want to do with your money, they are there for you. At least, that’s the conclusion we came to in this Waddell & Reed Inc. Review.

What I found to be really great in this Waddell & Reed Inc. Review is that they cater to more than one demographic. It’s not just about helping the common man achieve a dream. While that is a great factor, they are able to take anyone from any walk of life, and amplifying their current financial state. That is something that the folks over at Waddell & Reed Inc. have seemed to get right.


Web Presence

One of the things I want to mention in this Waddell & Reed Inc. Review is the website that Waddell & Reed Inc. have before I get into anything else. I went to check it out to find some basic information, and I was pleasantly surprised in this Waddell & Reed Inc. Review. Waddell & Reed Inc. is heavily involved in investing, and that is something is incredibly evident on their website. They have constant market updates going, which is good for someone who is considering some investments. Though, that doesn’t overshadow the other aspects of their company. I found in this making this Waddell & Reed Inc. Review that there is a really good balance between being incredibly informative and maintaining a user friendly site.

Sometime websites overload their site with every bit of information, and totally forget about creating a user experience. Other sometimes websites don’t put enough information, and you’re just left wondering what kind of site you are on. Am I on a clothing site or am I on a conspiracy theorist’s blog?


Consumer Testimonials

In terms of the consumer experience that people have had, we oddly couldn’t find enough to include in this Waddell & Reed Inc. Review. Though there is a great deal of testimonials from past and current employees that I found to be rather illuminating. It’s always good to get a glimpse at what goes on inside these companies.



One consumer wrote in this Waddell & Reed Inc. Review,

“A typical day includes: opening the office, stocking the office supplies, greeting all clients, turning on phones and listening to messages and relaying them to the appropriate person, scheduling appointment’s dealing with incoming and outgoing faxes, mail, and forms, filing, processing any checks that needed to be processed and turned over to Financial Adviser. How to process appropriate forms and run checks through Check. As for management and co-workers did not have a lot of interaction due independent work responsibility. The most enjoyable part of job was being able help provide for my family, paying bake debt, and somewhat of a small work environment.”


Another Consumer wrote in this Waddell & Reed Inc. Review,

“There is room for advancement, however, it’s incredibly competitive. The down side would probably have to be the communication that takes place. It is not very effective. In order to be a great company that clients want to invest in, all employees need to be on the same page. Each department is diverse. Some are great for entry level work and others are more suited for those who want to make a career.”



One Consumer Wrote in this Waddell & Reed Inc. Review,

“I really only learned that highly dishonest tactics are used to lure in new hires. The Manager was a compulsive liar. Soon after, I realized the job was nothing more than a large hole to throw money into. You have to pay an awful lot to even breathe in the office it seems. Do yourself a favor and just stop even thinking about working here. Unless you are really generous, and feel like giving them all of your money.

Another consumer wrote, “Typical sales job. You either find success or just die as a poor bastard. After paying the $1500 for all of the licensing they throw you to the dogs where you have to fend for yourself. Your first year, they pay you $2000/mo. while you are building your practice. That’s pretax, though.  This is practically poverty level and with all the time you invest it works out to less than minimum wage.


When you look at both sides of the testimonials in this Waddell & Reed Inc. Review, they are really saying the same thing. The consensus in this Waddell & Reed Inc. Review is that this company is incredibly competitive. Those who have the drive and have made it, are the ones with the positive testimonials. The ones with the negative testimonials honestly sound like the people who couldn’t make it. I say that because they don’t actually give any legitimate reasons as to why the company is a bad one. They just talk bout how they weren’t able to compete with the rest of the competition.



In this Waddell & Reed Inc. Review the CFRB gives this company 5 stars. Check our Resources page for a list of trusted companies, which have received 4 stars or better. Check Our Reviews page for more insight into trusted companies. Check our site for other Financial Planning reviews. Its great place to become more knowledgeable about the world of finance, and will shed some light on some of the scams out there.