This is the first review of Westbury Duke. A debt settlement/management company located in Santa Ana, CA. We chose to review Westbury Duke to bring awareness to the consumer.  According to multiple online sources, this debt settlement company is nothing but trouble. With an F rating on the Better Business Bureau and warnings issued from practically every source we came across, Westbury Duke is somewhat of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We noticed a pattern after conducting interviews with multiple consumers who have dealt with this debt settlement/management company. What we found is that Westbury Duke is eager to sign contracts, and will play the part of the caring company, but eventually they will pull the rug from under you.

According to one consumer, Westbury Duke checked in regularly for a few months. When the end of their contract with Westbury Duke was coming to a close, they attempted to get a hold them, and wasn’t able to. They only thing they responded with was a letter saying that they have not collected enough funds to settle the account, and will no longer be representing them. In the end, Westbury Duke accomplished absolutely nothing, and the consumer was out thousands of dollars. In This Review of the debt settlement/management company Westbury Duke, we would like to Issue a “warning” to all consumers who may come across Westbury Duke. If you value your time and money, steer clear of this debt settlement/management company. The CFRB gives Westbury Duke a 0 star rating. Check Our Resources page for a list of companies that have received 4 stars or better.


Staff Writer