Why Consumer Finance Review Board

The Consumer Finance Review Board was established to increase consumer awareness and protection in regards to dealing with consumer finance companies. We conduct investigations and publish our findings in reviews on this web site of consumer finance companies based on their promise of services through their advertising and marketing and direct communication with consumers. We invite consumers to request reviews of companies they have been contacted by our have or are currently conducting business with.


What We Do

Our ongoing investigation process starts with public records fillings and online resources like the Better Business Bureau BBB and other online forums. We avoid the rhetoric of self proclaimed advice gurus and focus on results of promises given to the consumer. We investigate business affiliations and conduct additional reviews in order to provide a clear picture of what the consumer finance companies are involved with in order to shed light on their commitment of service to the consumer.  We encourage consumer involvement in our reviews asking consumers to share their experiences with finance companies we are reviewing.


Even Deeper

When we have found a consumer finance company that rates at least 4 stars or higher we contact the consumer finance company and request an opt-in allowing us to randomly interview consumers who agree to be interviewed over the phone that have contacted them or have conducted business with the consumer finance company. If the consumer finance company refuses this random interview process we respect their privacy and continue our ongoing investigation as before: However when a consumer finance company provides this access this in itself is a huge indicator of the companies commitment to serve the consumer and do what is right for them.

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