Is this how you would run your houshold?

With the mismanagement of money, whether by irresponsibility or corruption from our nation’s highest elected officials, it is no wonder corruption in financial products and services for consumers is so prevalent today.

The rampant spending of your tax dollars with almost no accountability as to why, where, or what the money was actually used for lines up with either clinical insanity or the highest level of organized crime ever seen, take your pick, but something has to change.

If you ran your household finances like our elected officials run the finances of our country (your tax dollars). You would be bankrupt or imprisoned or worse. And if your children followed your example your family legacy would be an absolute train wreck.

Recent US Tax Dollars Sent to The Ukraine

As of February 22, 2023 according to The Council on Foreign Relations publication  The Biden administration has sent $76.8 Billion to aide the Ukraine war efforts. Although the thought of helping those in need can sound good let’s look at this a little closer.

    • The American people have no idea what transpired between Russia and the Ukraine prior to Russia’s invasion.

    • There is little to no documentation of what your tax dollars were spent on. Just some broad categories listed in the Council on Foreign Relations article.

    • Senate demands for financial accountability have not been met.

    • As of today, there is no known end to the conflict.

This is just one example of flagrant misuse of government authority over your money.

Biden Calls for Increased Tax on The Wealthy to Cover Medicare Funding.

This week President Joe Biden calls for increased taxation from the Nations wealthy to help cover Medicare funding as part of his 2024 budget plan.

Meanwhile the Congressional Budget Office states, US (our Country) Will Go Into Default This Summer Unless We Borrow More Money! This is absolute insanity. The elected officials charged with running and protecting our country are destroying everything our forefathers have built and your hopes for a prosperous future for you and your family.

At the same time we are giving away hundreds of billions of dollars with absolutely no accountability (and the Ukraine war is only one of the many examples), we are raising taxes and going deeper in debt in order to cover the obligations to our own citizens, with no end in sight!

Think about it, if you ran your household or business like this could you call yourself successful or even good at what you do? Or would you admit to being an absolute failure?

Anyway there’s something to think about…..